Susanna Hill’s Thanksgiving Writing Contest!

Author Susanna Leonard Hill is having a Thanksgiving writing contest where you could win an Amazon gift card or a book!

What you have to do is post your 250 (or fewer) word kids’ Thanksgiving story, beginning with “They were supposed to go to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, but the blizzard came in fast…” My entry is below! Please visit Ms. Hill’s website for all the details HERE.

Hope you like what I wrote!


by Erik – Age 9 (well, almost 10)

They were supposed to go to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving, but the blizzard came in fast. They were sixty minutes into the trip up the turnpike. The snow whipped around so hard they could barely see out the windows.

Sqeee kathunk squeeeee ka…thunk…squeeeeeee. The windshield wipers were freezing to the windshield!

The car slipped and slid another two miles through the thick snow along the deserted road and then, it broke down.

“I’ll call for help,” Dad said pulling his cell phone out. “OH my, I don’t have any reception,” Dad added quietly.

One hour, then two hours passed. Snow piled up around the car and everyone started to get nervous.

“We’re HUNGRY,” whined Robert and Roberta.

“I have some gum,” said a worried Mom.

“I’m thirsty,” little Fredrick cried.

“Keep calm Fred,” Dad thought quickly. “Want some snow?”

“I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM,” Wendy shouted.

Mom put her hands on her head, “I need an aspirin!”

Suddenly, they were blinded by a light stabbing through the falling snow. It was a snow plow!

BRRRRRR, the giant plow was headed straight for them!

“I hope the driver sees us,” Dad said a bit worried.

“The snow plow driver is waving at us,” Mom said.

“That’s no ordinary snow plow driver!” They all screamed. “It’s GRANNY!”

“Hi kids!” Granny shouted over the motor of the truck. “Need a ride?”

Once in the truck, everyone was smiling and laughing, everyone except Wendy.


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  1. Erik – I am so glad you entered the contest! Your story is terrific and made me laugh out loud – a great way to start the day 🙂 You write really well – I’m impressed. Your details are wonderful, and I loved the ending – I was expecting a rescue, but not from Granny! Did you enter the link to this specific post in the link list on my blog? If not, let’s make sure either you or I put it in. I don’t want anyone to miss your story!!!

  2. Love your story, Erik! With the Halloween blizzard we just had, I wouldn’t be surprised if something like your story comes true this Thanksgiving! 🙂

  3. Very funny twist. Have a great Thanksgiving.

  4. Erik, this is so much fun! Lots of laughs and a great twist at the end!

  5. Great story! Hurray for Granny! And great detail on the sound of the wipers freezing to the windshield. Since this actually happened to me once, I can testify as to the accuracy!

    Have a terrific Thanksgiving!

  6. Erik, I loved your story; it actually made me laugh out loud and everyone in my office had to come over and see what was so funny. Short version – building 34, we’re fans. 🙂

    I hope it remains fiction and not a dark omen of your Thursday to come! Happy Thanksgiving to the whole family.

  7. Erik, what amazing talent you have, for one so young. I laughed out loud at this wonderful story. Hope your thanksgiving turns our really great for you and all the family.

  8. I don’t know what’s more impressive, that granny can drive a snow plow or that you’re only 91/2?! This is a great story at any age!

  9. Great story with a terrific ending. Get that kid to the bathroom.

  10. Great story, Erik! I could just see (and hear) it all happening. Yay for Granny! (and yay for you, too!)

  11. This story was a whole lot of fun! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  12. So fun! I love that Granny comes to the rescue! Great job!

  13. Hi Erik, I enjoyed your fun & funny story! Great twist at the end. Well done 🙂

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