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A Bad Kitty Story Idea Contest!

In my post on November 4th about the Nick Bruel book signing I went to at Harleysville Books, I told you that the kids in the audience were saying all sorts of Bad Kitty story ideas to Mr. Bruel and he said that what is great about Bad Kitty is that she belongs to all of us and we should try writing our own ideas down. When he asked me if I was going to try it, I said “I don’t know”. I said that because I am not really a good writer and it’s hard for me to write ideas out. When we got home my mom said to me “But that’s why Mr. Bruel said that. You have to try to write to become a better writer.” So I decided to write my ideas down. Then I thought it would make a cool contest because I would really like to read all of your ideas and maybe it would help get other kids (and adults you’re welcome too ) to write their ideas down and help get EVERYBODY writing more! So here are the rules –

1. Write your idea down in 400 words or less. It doesn’t have to be a whole story, just an idea. Even if you aren’t familiar with the Bad Kitty books (well…you should be 😉 ) just think of a cranky cat and come up with a story idea about it!

2. You can leave your idea in the comment section or email it to me at . You can include drawings (you’ll have to email them because you can’t leave them in the comment section) but make sure the files are .doc , .docx , .jpg, .gif or .pdf.


4. The contest is open for 3 weeks (BUT TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!!!) after that the judges have a week to pick their favorite ideas from all of them. The awesome people that agreed to be judges are

  • Stephanie Brockway, author of the totally awesome “Mystic Phyles” series. Check out my review of “Mystic Phyles – Beasts” HERE. Visit the Mystic Phyles facebook page HERE and learn more about this totally awesome series (I can’t wait for book 2)!

  • Timothy Davis, author of the exciting adventure stories – “Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe.” Check out my review of Book 1 of the series “Sea Cutter” HERE. Visit Mr. Davis’ website HERE. PLUS you can get ebook versions of Mr. Davis’ two adventure novels FREE until December 15th!

  • Michelle Isenhoff, author of some of the best historical fiction books I’ve read! Her new adventure novel is  “The Quill Pen”. I reviewed Ms. Isenhoff’s book “Broken Ladders HERE and I will be reviewing “The Quill Pen” soon so check back! You can visit Ms. Isenhoff’s website HERE AND you can get an ebook version of “The Quill Pen” FREE until Thanksgiving!

5. Each judge picks their favorite from all the entries. From the three chosen Mrs. Shelly Plumb, owner of Harleysville Books and another awesome person (visit Harleysville Books HERE), will rank the entries and first, second and third places will be given and prizes will be awarded for each (see below for prizes). If two (or more) of the judges pick the same entry, an alternate judge (my parents) will pick an additional entry for the final selection.   Winners will be notified 10 days after the contest ends.

6. A NOTE FROM MY PARENTS  – This contest is not endorsed or supported by Nick Bruel or any of his agents (It’s just the idea of a nine year old). If you are under 18 you have to ask permission from your parents to enter. By entering the contest you agree that the winning entries can be published and shared by This Kid Reviews Books and its’ sponsors. No identifying information (only first names) will be published. Emails will only be used to contact winners.


First (1st) prize is a stupendous prize pack! It Includes a signed copy of “A Bad Kitty Christmas”, a signed Copy of “Bad Kitty Meets the Baby”, A PERSONALIZED signed copy of “Mystic Phyles –Beasts” (GENEROUSLY donated by Stephanie Brockway), a copy of “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan (GENEROUSLY donated by Harleysville Books) and a This Kid Reviews Books T-shirt!!

Second (2nd) Prize is another totally cool prize pack! It includes a signed copy of “A Bad Kitty Christmas”, a copy of “The Dragon’s Tooth” by N.D. Wilson (GENEROUSLY donated by Harleysville Books) and a This Kid Reviews Books t-shirt!!

Third (3rd) place is another great prize pack! It includes a signed copy of “A Bad Kitty Christmas” and a This Kid Reviews Books t-shirt!


Erik’s pick – (After seeing some of the AWESOME entries, I wanted to get into the action and pick MY favorite)

The winner of Erik’s pick will get a copy of “Bad Kitty Christmas” AND a small Bad Kitty stuffed animal 🙂


To give you an example of an entry, I came up with this idea…

“Bad Kitty versus Cute Kitten” by Erik age 9

Bad Kitty’s owners bring home a house guest, Cute Kitten. Cute Kitten’s owners are away on vacation and Bad Kitty’s owners are pet sitting her. Cute Kitten is the cutest, sweetest, most adorable kitten you ever saw. Even Bad Kitty is on her best behavior (mostly, at least it’s a kitten,  not a dog) while Cute Kitten is there. Bad Kitty’s owners think that Bad Kitty is having horrible behavior while Cute Kitten “gets use to the house.” What Cute Kitten is really doing is wrecking the house and blaming Bad Kitty by looking at Bad Kitty’s owners with her adorable eyes. Bad Kitty does not know how to convince her parents it’s not her doing the bad things but it is EVIL CUTE KITTEN!! Will Truth and Justice (Bad Kitty) finally win? Or will Evil and Lying (Cute Kitten) take over?!

Cute Kitten

Not Cute Kitten!

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  1. OOOOH!!! We have one (Emma and I that is). Here it is: Bad Kitty Runs Away from Home (subtitle/caption: It’s payback time!)
    Bad Kitty is fed-UP! She’s had one too many baths, the vacuum is getting on her last nerve, and Puppy gives lousy birthday presents, so she packs up her “kit” bag and heads out into the “wild” determined to be rid of all the annoyances of domesticated life.

    There’s just one problem…She runs into some kitties even “badder” than she is. Instead of chocolate cake, she’s offered a dead mouse and some scraps from the dumpster, instead of a cozy soft bed to sleep in, she has to fight (and lose) over a cardboard box in the back of an alley. And if she thought the Twin Kitties and Chatty Kitty were annoying, that’s only because she hadn’t yet met Razor Tooth and Cyclops!

    Let’s just say Bad Kitty quickly discovers “there’s no place like home,” even if the first thing she gets after racing back the next morning smelling like she slept in the dumpster, because she did, is a BATH! (We close with a picture of Bad Kitty smiling in the tub, for REAL this time).

    We’re gonna work on pictures of Razor Tooth and Cyclops, but here’s the story idea for now! 🙂 From Emma and Deb (a joint effort)

  2. I’m working on my idea! I will email it!

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