The Winner of “Open Wounds” is…..

Thank you to everyone that entered the drawing for a copy of “Open Wounds” by Joseph Lunievicz! You can see the post HERE. Thank you Mr. Lunievicz for giving me a signed book and taking the time to do the interview with me. Thank you Mom for reviewing the book for me… WAIT! This just in! The Winner is… (Where’s the Dramatic Drum Roll >:-( ?)

The Winner is… Oh where did I put that piece of paper? Ah. Here it is.

The Winner is…

Sir Books-A-Lot’s Mom!!!!

Great job, Sir Books’ Mom!

I’ll email you to get your address to send the book out!

For those of you who don’t know who Sir Books-A-Lot is, he is an 11-year-old book reviewer with an awesome website! Check it out HERE.

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  1. Congrats Sir books-a-lot Mom!

  2. Thank you for the mention in your post. I really appreciate it. I hate when Mom says I can’t read a book.:(

  3. Ah, Erik, I love your sense of humor…

  4. Sir Books, I feel your pain – but I do the same thing to my kids. I tell them when they get the right to vote, they get the right to choose their own reading material. 😉

  5. Yay!! Thank you Erik for your awesome blog and contest! Thanks sister for pulling my name! Thanks Mr. Lunievicz for donating a signed copy! Thanks Michelle for the moral support! 😉

  6. Can’t wait to see what you think of Skunk Catcher!

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