And The Bad Kitty Contest Winners Are…

I am SO excited to announce the winners! But, first, I want to thank the 46 kids that entered the contest! I never had that many people enter one of my contests before! I LOVE talking to people about reading and writing and with this contest I even got to go into a first grade class at a local elementary school and talk about the contest and creative writing! I would like to thank the Wonderful Judges who read all the entries and picked their favorites. The judges are

Stephanie Brockway, author of the totally awesome “Mystic Phyles” series. Check out my review of “Mystic Phyles – Beasts” HERE. Visit the Mystic Phyles facebook page HERE and learn more about this totally awesome series (I can’t wait for book 2)! Ms. Brockway also offered a personalized signed copy of the “Mystic Phyles -Beasts” to the first place winner (I LOVE that book check out the inside)!

Timothy Davis, author of the exciting adventure stories – “Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe.” Check out my review of Book 1 of the series “Sea Cutter” HERE. Visit Mr. Davis’ website HERE. PLUS you can get ebook versions of Mr. Davis’ two adventure novels FREE until January 15th! Visit his site for the coupon code HERE.

Michelle Isenhoff, author of some of the best historical fiction books I’ve read! Her new adventure novel is  “The Quill Pen”. I reviewed Ms. Isenhoff’s book “Broken Ladders HERE and I will be reviewing “The Quill Pen” soon so check back! You can visit Ms. Isenhoff’s website HERE AND you can get an ebook (and Kindle) version of “The Quill Pen” FREE until The New Year! Her book “The Color of Freedom” was nominated for the Maine Student Book Award this year!

Shelly Plumb, owner of Harleysville Books. I go to all sorts of AWESOME events at Harleysville Books. You can visit their website HERE. Mrs. Plumb helped out as a judge and also donated some books for prizes. ALSO remember to support your local bookstore!

I know all the judges told me that it was hard to pick a winner and it was fun to read all the entries -there are many kids with creative ideas out there!! Thank you again to everyone who entered!

And now what you all have been waiting for…The Bad Kitty Contest Winners are…

ME – just kidding


First Place – Abby


–The comment of one of the judges about this entry said it all – “I love the personality of the mouse in the refrigerator. That is one sassy little mouse to be bossing Bad Kitty around and hogging all the food. And I think Bad Kitty’s solution to the problem was a very clever one. But what really sealed the deal for me on this entry were the illustrations. This author/illustrator really went the extra mile to give even more personality to Bad Kitty and the Stubborn Mouse.”

Second Place – Will

Bad Kitty Goes on Vacation

Bad Kitty’s owners think kitty should see the world. Bad Kitty gets motion sick while they are traveling. She is looking for something to do on the plane and she gets trapped with all the dogs in a pet carrier. When she finally gets out she finds that she has been transported to a sumo wrestling match and ends up in the ring. She sees many more things and gets into much trouble!

Bad Kitty in a sumo wrestling match! I’D LOVE TO SEE THAT ONE IN A BOOK!

Third Place – Nick

The judges like the Bad Kitty detective part of the story idea (and the naughty rabbit).

Erik’s Pick – Emma

“Bad Kitty is fed-UP! She’s had one too many baths, the vacuum is getting on her last nerve, and Puppy gives lousy birthday presents, so she packs up her “kit” bag and heads out into the “wild” determined to be rid of all the annoyances of domesticated life.

There’s just one problem…She runs into some kitties even “badder” than she is. Instead of chocolate cake, she’s offered a dead mouse and some scraps from the dumpster, instead of a cozy soft bed to sleep in, she has to fight (and lose) over a cardboard box in the back of an alley. And if she thought the Twin Kitties and Chatty Kitty were annoying, that’s only because she hadn’t yet met Razor Tooth and Cyclops!

Let’s just say Bad Kitty quickly discovers “there’s no place like home,” even if the first thing she gets after racing back the next morning smelling like she slept in the dumpster, because she did, is a BATH! (We close with a picture of Bad Kitty smiling in the tub, for REAL this time).”

I really liked the two new characters that Emma made for her idea and the fact that they were actually WORSE than Bad Kitty!

The little kid winners from the judges are…

Emma (a different Emma)

Selfish Bad Kitty! Turning the alarm clock off just to watch TV!! That’s just diabolical!


My mom was so happy when this one was picked by a judge because (HA HA) Bad Kitty in tartar sauce jumping on the Christmas tree (hee hee)! Now that’s just funny!


I was happy when a judge picked this one! OH NO NOT MY TOOTHBRUSH!! HA HA!!

Erik’s pick (OK it’s Erik and Josie’s picks because my little sister wanted to pick a winner too 😉 )


Josie picked this one because she thought the artwork was the greatest!


I just think it’s funny that Bad Kitty didn’t wreck the TV or anything he just turned it off and the guy looks so mad and I love the look on Bad Kitty’s face!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and the judges! I’ll be sending out prizes next week!

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  1. Awesome! We LOVE the winners! Abby’s story is hilarious–the illustrations are killer, way to go Abby and all the winners! 🙂

    Emma and Deb

  2. Great contest, Erik. There were terrific writings and drawings from all the contestants, but I’m happy to see the winners! It was all very fun and funny. Thanks. 😀

  3. What an awesome contest, Erik. Looking at the skill of these winners, I don’t know how you chose. Abby has amazing written and artistic talent! I personally love Hailey’s drawing!

  4. Congratulations to all and wonderful job, Erik! I’ll have to get your advice on how to properly manage a contest with such great participation and support. I’d love to do that at some point. Always nice to see talent and creativity encouraged. Keep it up!

  5. Congratulations to all the winners! Judging the entries was tougher than it sounds, because there were a LOT of great ideas. I want to tell those who didn’t win, DON’T STOP WRITING! The best definition I’ve ever heard for “professional writer” is “an amateur writer who didn’t give up.” I predict some super storybooks to come from this great bunch of contestants someday.

    And excellent job to Erik for a successful, well-organized contest!

    • Thanks Mrs. Isenhoff!

      I agree with you! When I started this blog, I wasn’t that good at reviewing books, but I didn’t give up (OK maybe in March when nobody was reading my blog I kind of gave up…but then I started again. 😉 ). I kept on reviewing and writing. So what’s the moral of the lesson? Try, try again. (I know you all have probably heard this before, but it’s true!) I think I’ve gotten to be a better writer this year too because I keep trying!

      Erik 🙂

      PS I should keep trying because I just found like four typing errors in my post HA HA!


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