Quote of the Week – Frederick Douglass

This week’s quote is one I like very much:

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

– Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was a leader of the Abolitionist Movement in the United States


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  1. A wonderful quote from a great man. I like to see quotes like this and think about them in terms of where we are today.

    • I’ve just been learning about slavery in the United States and the abolitionists. My mom and I have been reading “The Candle Star” by Michelle Isenhoff. There is a character in the book that is a free slave and he’s old but he wants to learn to read so he can read the Bible before he dies. I couldn’t imagine not being allowed to read or not allowing someone to read.

  2. Ha! Have you read this week’s chapter yet? What a coincidence!

    • I haven’t read it yet! I had practice for our chruch Christmas play and a party to go to so I didn’t get to read the weekly chapter 🙁 My mom didn’t either. I am going to read it today AND now I have a hint MWAH HA HA HAAAAA!

  3. I have lived in many nations amongst people who are illiterate and it is heartbreaking. Thanks for reminding me of my freedom, Erik!

  4. Great quote! Reading gives you the power to do anything. I also couldn’t imagine not being able to read. I’ll look into the book you’re reading.

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