Skunk Catcher

Skunk Catcher

By Gary Kelley

144 pages – ages 9+

Published by Old Line Publishing, LLC  on September 26, 2011

Kevin wasn’t “the sharpest tool in the shed,” in fact he really hated being in school. He would rather be outside. His mom barely listens to him, and he knew she hates his grandpa but he didn’t know why. He also knew his dad was somewhere in Alaska. Kevin decided to see if he could trap animals (and then he would let them go) after reading about trapping. He babysits for his neighbors to raise money to buy the trap but he hid it from his mother. Once he had the trap, he was able to catch and release a bunch of different animals. Kevin heard that there was a rabid skunk roaming around his neighborhood and there was a reward offered if someone captured it.  If Kevin could get the reward money, he could buy a plane ticket to go see his father in Alaska…but it wasn’t that simple.

Skunk Catcher is the second young-person’s book Gary Kelley wrote (the Youngest Mountain Man was the first see my review HERE). This book was very funny, and yet very serious (rabid skunk -serious, Kevin hiding his babysitting money in a smelly sock -funny). There was a lot of details in the story that helped me understand about Kevin and how he feels. Kevin is a good character and I really wanted things to work out for him. There was some adventure in the story but not as much as in Mr. Kelley’s first book and I wish there was a little more of that in this book. The story plot was really good and it kept me interested in Kevin’s life.

Mr. Kelley is a retired middle school teacher. You can tell Mr. Kelley is a former teacher because his books are packed with a lot of educational information that is really interesting to me.  You can learn more about him and his other book “The Youngest Mountain Man”and more about “Skunk Catcher” at his website by clicking HERE . There is also loads of information for teachers and students on his blog.

“Skunk Catcher” has earned a spot on my bookshelf on the “to be read again section.” I give “Skunk Catcher” four out of five book worms!

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  1. Very fair and balanced review. I need to check this author out. I remember your Mountain Man post was intriguing too.

  2. Sound like a “smelly” book, pardon the pun! I liked your honesty about the book compared to previous books. Nice job.

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