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Today I am introducing to you a new thing on my blog – Creative Kids! (my mom came up with the name) Creative Kids is a place where I will post any creative writing or artwork kids send me. I got the idea because my little sister Josie wanted me to post her poem she wrote when she was 5. It’s about snow and with the snow falling on my blog until January 2 (thanks to WordPress), I thought it fit right in! If you know any kids out there that want their stories, poems or artwork posted let me know! You can email me at

Here’s Josie’s poem –


By Josie age 5

It makes my chilly hands cold.

It brings me happy.

If you find one flake,

give it to me

and I’ll eat it.


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  1. This is great, Erik! What a cool thing to do to offer creative kids a place to showcase their work. I love your sister’s poem!

  2. This is a very cool idea. Mind if I pass your email on to my niece? she could be interested.
    I loved the poem to.

  3. Josie, your poem is wonderful! That’s just how snow makes me feel, too. I like to catch it on my tongue.

  4. Great blog idea, Erik! 😉

  5. Great idea for kids to show their creative side! Your sister’s poem made smile.

  6. Great Idea Erik. I liked Josie’s poem! Keep it up. 🙂

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