Quote of the Week – Mason Cooley

This week’s quote was sent to me by Bjorn Ansbro author of the children’s picture books “This is Dot” and “Dot Wonders.”

“Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.”

– Mason Cooley

Mason Cooley was an American Aphorist. What’s an aphorist you ask (well maybe you didn’t ask, but I sure did)? An aphorist is a person who writes aphorisms and the definition of an aphorism is  “a short pithy saying expressing a general truth” (taken from the Free Dictionary).

If you have a great quote about books or reading for my quote of the week please email it to me at Erik@thiskidreviewsbooks.com !

To learn more about Mr. Ansbro’s books please visit his website HERE OR STAY TUNED because I am posting my review of his picture books on Tuesday!This is Dot - Children's Book by Bjorn Ansbro

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  1. What a fantastic quote! Thanks, Erik!

    (I’m looking forward to the reviews on Tuesday..)

  2. This is a great quote! And extremely true.

  3. Thank you, Erik. I should have done my homework. It seems almost unfair to quote one whose profession is entirely focused on writing quotes. I do like it, though!

  4. Great quote! It really can take you anywhere! Look forward to reading your book post on Tuesday.

  5. I like that. And I learned a new vocab word.

  6. That quote is perfect! Good for Mr. Ansbro. And thanks, Erik. It was really nice meeting you at Eileen Spinelli’s signing the other night. Hope you’ll come back to Chester County Book Company.

    • Thank you for a great time at the Chester County Book Company! It was funny that we met there after meeting here 🙂 I asked to aget on the mailing list for the book company so I am sure I’ll be back for other events! Thanks again! Erik 🙂

  7. I did ask, so thanks for filling in my ignorance! Great quote!

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