“This is Dot” and “Dot Wonders” – Two great picture books!

Today I have two great picture book recommendations!

This is Dot - Children's Book by Bjorn AnsbroThis is Dot

by Bjorn Ansbro

28 pages ages 1+

Published by Squiggly Line Media on July 4, 2009


Dot Wonders

by Bjorn Ansbro

32 pages – ages 1+

Published by Squiggly Line Media on February 1, 2011

Dot is…well,  a dot (but he kind of looks like a “Magic Eight Ball”). In “This is Dot”, Dot likes to explore the world around him (or her). He likes to go to warm, watery places, likes to play “hide-‘n’-go seek,” and loves to laugh. In “Dot Wonders”, Dot wonders what it is like to be different thing than a dot (or Magic Eight Ball 😉 ). He wonders what it’s like to have a shell, be big,  or have a ton of arms. The books are simple but you really take your time going through them because of the illustrations. Mr. Ansbro also uses different fonts throughout the book that adds to the fun of the story.

Mr. Ansbro uses awesome colors in his illustrations! I think he’s used every bright color there is in these two books – they’re that  bright!  The books have very few words per page, so it’s easier for beginning readers to read. Even though there are few words on each page,  the story and awesome drawings, encourages readers to use their imagination to think about what’s going on! 🙂

Just look at some of the pages!

Cool huh?!?

I think toddlers would like these books because of the bright illustrations. The few words on the pages make the stories great for beginning readers and, as an older kid, I just really liked the pictures too (I’d even hang one on my wall 😉 ).

I give both these books five out of five book worms!

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  1. I love that illustration of “Dot loves to laugh”! I can just about hear the laughter.

    I’d never seen either of these books, so I thank you for introducing me to them. They look like great fun!

  2. Thanks so much, Erik! Wonderful reviews! I’m honored.

    You picked up on that fact that Dot isn’t identified as a boy or girl. I wanted the character to be universal and gender was one of many aspects I left undefined for the readers to interpret.

    And did you find “Nibbles” the bunny hidden in Dot Wonders?

    Again, thank you for the kind and thoughtful words!

    Absolute best,


  3. Cute and interesting books. I didn’t know about these books, thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Erik, for introducing me to these books. They look bright and beautiful, and young children are so drawn to color. They also sound fun and a great read with Mom and Dad. Wil have to check them out. Again, thanks.


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