“Infinity Ring” A New Alternate-History Time Travel Series


Scholastic Books just announced a new historical fiction/time travel 7-book series called “Infinity Ring.” Like the 39 Clues series, “Infinity Ring” will combine books and an online game that allows kids to go back in time and try to “fix” historical events that have gone wrong. Also like the 39 Clues six different authors will write the series.

This is taken from the New York Times –

The first book, “A Mutiny in Time,” will be written by James Dashner, the best-selling author of “The Maze Runner.” Like “The 39 Clues,” the new series is intended for children ages 8 to 12 and will explore historical events in both the print books and online game.

See the whole New York Times Article HERE.

This is a description of the series from the Scholastic press release –

History is broken, and a long-feared Cataclysm seems imminent. The capital of the United States is Boston. Lincoln’s face is nowhere to be seen on Mount Rushmore. Everyone’s buzzing about the French royal wedding. And an international group of men and women known as the SQ is more powerful than kings, richer than nations, and more fearsome than armies. When best friends Dak Smyth and Sera Froste stumble upon the key to time travel – a hand-held device known as the Infinity Ring – they’re swept up in a centuries-long secret war for the fate of mankind. Recruited by the Hystorians, a secret society that dates back to Aristotle, the kids learn that history has gone completely, and disastrously, off-course. Now it’s up to Dak, Sera, and teenage Hystorian-in-training Riq to travel back in time to fix the “Great Breaks”… and to save Dak’s missing parents while they’re at it. First stop: Spain, 1492, where a sailor named Christopher Columbus is about to be thrown overboard in a deadly mutiny!

Scholastic says the books are written for 8-12 year-olds. I think the series is going to be cool if they keep the history facts right! Sounds like a fun and action packed way to get a history lesson! The first book “A Mutiny in Time” written by James Dashner will be out in September 2012.

How do you think it sounds?

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  1. This sounds like a fascinating series, Erik! Like you, I hope they keep their facts straight! Thanks for alerting us to the upcoming books.

  2. Sounds a LOT like The Missing series, by Margaret Peterson Haddix. If it’s fun, clean kidlit, I’ll try it! I did like Dashner’s Maze Runner (his other two less so).

  3. I think I might have to check this one out. Looks great!!

  4. This sounds like a great series! People always wish they could change history. Too bad we have to wait so long.

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