SuperHero ABC

SuperHero ABC
Written and Illustrated by Bob McLeod
40 pages – ages 3+
Published by HarperCollins 2006

Bob McLeod makes learning your ABCs fun by including superheroes for each letter of the alphabet! Not only does the superhero have a name that begins with a particular letter, but there are also other phrases that uses the letter that tells about each super hero -for example: check out Danger Man! He Does Daring Deeds every Day!

The illustrations in this book are fantastic! If you don’t know, Mr. McLeod has worked illustrating comics for DC and Marvel and it shows in his artwork! I think boys and girls who love comics would really love this book!  Some of the words on the pages seems to be a bit hard for beginning readers, but parents and kids can read it together and the kids can get to know the sounds of the letters. There is one kind of gross superhero on the V page (I’ll let you imagine what is superpower is but his name is The Volcano and the power rhymes with comet) it didn’t bother me too much but I think some people may not like it. The illustrations are really awesome and it is kind of fun to pick out the words that begin with the letter of the alphabet being talked about!

Four out of five books worms for SuperHero ABC!

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  1. I think my youngest would like this one. He couldn’t read it alone yet, but maybe his big brother would be so nice…

  2. I’m not sure I’d like the “V” page 🙂 bit otherwise it looks terrific. The art is so bright and colorful! And now I want to know what kind of superhero starts with all the letters of the alphabet – especially J and X!

  3. LOL love this brightly coloured book. I know my nephews would love this, especially the younger one. Will look for it… thanks Erik. Look out for my Perfect Picture Book Friday … “ABC”.

  4. Erik, I LOVE this book! I’ve sold tons of copies in the bookstore. I also know Bob McLeod’s wife, and I’ve met Bob a couple of times. He’s super nice!

    I wish there were more of these books, too, like Superhero 123 or Superheroes Go To School, or something. The illustrations are fantastic. Thanks for highlighting this very cool book.

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