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Get the AWESOME superhero adventure story “Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula” by Elise Stokes, FREE on Kindle for the next few days!! GET IT FREE HERE! Cassidy Jones ROCKS as a superhero! See my review of this book HERE! Check out book 2 of the Cassidy Jones series – Vulcan’s Gift too (I haven’t posted my review yet but you can read about it at Bookworm Blather HERE). You won’t be disappointed in these books!!

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  1. Loved these!

    I see you’re reading Old Yeller, Erick. Just that cover picture is enough to start me crying! You’re still on 20,000 Leagues? (Hee,hee) I did the same thing. I’ve been slowly crawling through Journey to the Center of the Earth since September. It keeps getting bumped by other stuff.

    • Ms. Stokes said she’s working on a third book and that there is a part for it in Vulcans Gift (haven’t read to that part yet)! They are really good books! My mom warned me about the ending in Old Yeller. She said it still makes her cry thinking about it and didn’t want me to be “weirded out” by it 🙂 . It’s a great story so far! It is my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION to get done with 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea!!! Great story -but it’s HARD to read!!

      • I think what she might have meant is that the ending leaves it wide open for another book. There’s a new evil menace at the end and a new conflict just waiting to start. Plus, some questions from the first book remain. I can’t wait till she gets the next one done!

        I’ve vowed to finish Journey to the Center of the Earth this year, too!

      • Ooooo a NEW evil menace! Dunt Dun Daaaahh! My mom said Journey to the Center of the Earth is a great story! (but I think I’ll get the abridged version…I WILL FINISH 20,000 LEAGUES!! I WILL!!)

  2. Oops, I mean Erik. (How’d I do that?) 🙂

  3. Got it , Erik! Thanks a lot. 😀

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