The Old Fortress Dog

The Old Fortress Dog

By Ruth G. Zavitsanos

51 pages – ages 7+

Published by Wild Child Publishing on November 23, 2010

Leonidas was the dog of a man who gave tours at The Old Fortress on the Greek Island of Curfu. The Fortress was built in ancient times to stop attackers that wanted to invade Greece. One day Leonidas’ master’s grandson, Nikos, came to stay with his grandfather for vacation. Nikos was from America. Leonidas liked Nikos and helped Nikos give tours of the Old Fortress. During one tour that Nikos was giving an Australian family, a boy from the tour wandered off and Leonidas had to save him from falling off a cliff! Leonidas really liked Nikos but he could tell Nikos was sad about something. When Leonidas figures out what Nikos was sad about he decides to help! Leonidas hopes he can help Nikos be happy before he has to leave to go back to America. Can he?!? Read the book to find out!

The story of the Old Fortress Dog takes place in modern time Greece, but it is set in an ancient setting, which makes the setting super cool! The story is serious but has some funny parts to it that makes it really enjoyable. I really like how the story is told from the dog’s point-of-view. Leonidas is a great main character. He is strong, brave and very loyal. The book is suggested for readers 9-12 but I think young advanced reader would really like this book. It is a clean story that is a little more challenging than early chapter books (the worst thing that happens is Leonidas gets scratched on the nose in a dog/cat fight). The book was a quick read for me, I would like to have more details to the story and to have the story a little longer. In the back of the book there is a section about Corfu Greece that has all sorts of facts and I thought this was a nice addition to the book. There is also a section in the back of the book about Ms. Zavitsanos and it says that she has family that lives in Greece. You can tell that she has visited there because her descriptions of the places in the book are written so well you can imagine what they really look like. The Old Fortress Dog was a good story and has made me want to read the two other books by Ms. Zavitsanos. “The Villa Dog” is set in Tuscany Italy and “The Kona Dog” is set in Maui Hawaii.

I met Ms. Zavitsanos at a book signing at The Chester County Book and Music Company (Chester County, PA). She is a huge dog lover! Here’s an interesting fact, she told me that the dogs on the cover of the books are dogs that she knows or one’s that she saw while traveling. To learn more about Ms. Zavitsanos and her books, please visit her website HERE.

Four out of Five bookworms for the great story that had me wanting more!

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  1. Another great review! 🙂 Thanks. Have a great weekend!

  2. Like that the story is told from the dog’s point of view. Am not familiar with this author, so thanks for the introduction. Sounds like a fun book with a little history of Greece. Great review!

  3. Your reviews are very good and you bring to our attention books we may not have heard of otherwise. This one sounds like the perfect combination of excitement, feelings and description of another place. Anyone who loves dogs (and who doesn’t) will love this book.

  4. This sounds like a great book. What an interesting twist to have it told from the point of few of the dog! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Erik, thank you for this terrific review of my book, THE OLD FORTRESS DOG. As you stated I am familiar with Corfu, Greece, and am glad I can take the reader to this beautiful Greek island. My first children’s book, THE VILLA DOG, takes place in Tuscany, a place I visited with my family in 2007. A dog from a nearby farm came to visit daily, he was so sweet that he reminded us of our family dog. It’s fun writing through the dog’s point of view because my dogs are always lying in my office when I write giving me inspiration and at times nudging me for a walk. I’m so glad your blog is introducing my books to more readers.
    Thanks again and keep up the great work here at thiskidreviewsbooks! 🙂

    All the best,
    Ruth G. Zavitsanos

    • No, thank YOU! 🙂 I can’t wait to read the other 2 books! It’s REALLY cool how you write the story in the dog’s point of view and that they’re from places all around the world! 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog!!!

  6. Sounds like another great book, and I love the idea of the story being told from the dog’s POV. How neat that you got to learn that detail about the covers meeting the author!

  7. Great review. Very happy to find your blog and look forward to checking out your book reviews.

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