George Washington’s Socks – A Time Travel Adventure

George Washington’s Socks – A Time Travel Adventure

By Elvira Woodruff

166 pages -ages 9+

Published by Scholastic in 2010 (originally published in 1993)

Matt had always heard of the creepy legend of Levart Lake. On moonlit nights people disappear at the lake and are never seen again. He was horrified when he saw his little sister Katie trying to get into a row-boat on the lake…on a moonlit night. As he ran to the lake with his friends, Tony, Hooter and “Q”, all the kids fell into a trance and they ALL ended up in the row-boat. The next thing they knew they were transported back in time to 1776 and were now in the middle of the Delaware River the night before General Washington crossed it in the Battle of Trenton in the Revolutionary War. The children get separated and Matt is thought to be a soldier. He is now marching with Washington’s army while trying to find his little sister and his friends!

I really liked the whole time travel part to this story. I like how modern kids get to tell about historical events from their point of view. The author did a good job of describing how harsh the conditions of war were and how brave the men who fought in the war were. I really got a good idea of what it was like on the night Washington made his famous crossing of the Delaware. The book also had some funny parts to it that made the story a little less serious in a few parts and that helped it. I liked the relationship between Matt and his sister (kind of love/hate).  I would recommend the book to kids 9+ in age. There are some intense descriptions of the war and one part where a soldier boy who Matt made friends with died in Matt’s arms that was pretty emotional (the boy died of a foot infection from having no shoes). I liked the history I learned from the book, like who the Hessians were.

Four out of Five book worms for George Washington’s Socks!

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  1. Great review Erik. I’m adding this book to my “Parents of Tweens” group on Goodreads. Thanks!

  2. I enjoy books about kids time traveling and experiencing important moments in history. For the author, it’s a lot of research. But, I think it gives a fresh approach that appeals to kids in another way. They experience that time in a unique way — even though it is a story. Great review!

  3. All I can say is, with a title like George Washington’s Socks how can you not read it 🙂

  4. I’ve heard of this one. I’m fascinated by the Hessians. Imagine being a German peasant, rounded up and sold to the British, poorly trained, unable to speak English, shipped across the world, and forced to fight in a conflict that wasn’t your own. I’d like to write a book with a Hessian protagonist someday. Someday…

    Great review!

    • Thank you! In this book the Hessians only knew one word in English “rebel”. That’s what they called Washington when they saw him on one of the kid’s $1.00 bill. That sounds like an interesting topic for a book!

  5. I, too, like time travel that shows some of history — I love books that make history come alive like this. Sounds like a good book! Thank you, Erik.

  6. Sounds like another good read Erik! It is great to get kids interested in history this way.

  7. It sounds like a good book. I like when children discover and learn from their past. Is it a book series? Thanks for the review.

    • It’s a REALLY good book! It is a book series (I’m not sure how many in total in total). There’s one called “George Washington’s Spy”, and one called “The Orphan Of Ellis Island”, which I haven’t read.

  8. I love this book It’s like the bestest book Iv’e ever read

  9. what is the point of view in this story?

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