How Big Is Your Faith? Book Review and Author Mimi Atkins Interview!

Today I have a special interview with author Mimi Atkins! I have followed Ms. Atkins’ blog for a while because she would blog about writing her children’s book and it was interesting to read about her writing the book. Well, her book was published and I couldn’t wait to read it! Ms. Atkins also let me ask her some interview questions about her book and writing. Keep reading after the interview to learn about Ms. Atkins’ book “Adventures in Rainbow Valley – Book 1: How Big is Your Faith?”

Did you always think you’d be a kid’s book author? How cool is it to have your first children’s book published?!?

My first book was a romance, then it became a memoir, and then I had the idea of a children’s book based on my experiences as a mom and after falling in love with the character of Faith, I proclaimed that she has to be for children. I am very excited to have my first book published; it’s a dream come true. I can cross that event off my bucket list.

What made you think to write “The Adventures in Rainbow Valley” series?

The series began as oral storytelling each night with my daughter. I told her stories about a flower named Faith at bedtime every night until she was about five years old. My daughter felt she was to “big” to listen to stories since she had learned to read, so I began writing the stories. Thus, the series was born.

What do you hope children will learn from “How Big is Your Faith?”

I want children to learn that they are special because of who they are. No one is the same and it is important to learn and accept that at an early age. It is also important to have good friends in your corner who help and not hurt you.

The illustrations in “How Big is Your Faith” are wonderful! Did you work closely with Ms. Montes when the book as illustrated or is it Ms. Montes interpretation of your story?

She and I collaborated on what we both envisioned.  I told her what their personalities and features were and she did the magic with her paintbrush. I was ecstatic at what she produced. I still stare at the illustrations in awe and everyone who reads the book share that emotion.

I saw that your next book in “Adventures of Rainbow Valley” is called “Lillith’s Clever Idea”, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Lillith is a ladybug  who the four friends (Callie, Fergie, Beezle, and Faith)meet as they are exploring another land in Rainbow Valley, called Aster Cove. The friends get into some trouble and Lillith’s wit and charm saves the day.

Thanks Ms. Atkins! Now READ ON for my review of “Adventures in Rainbow Valley – Book 1, How Big is Your Faith?”  !!

Adventures in  Rainbow Valley

Written by Mimi Atkins and Illustrated by Friendi S. Montes

Published in 2011 by Glitter Moon Press

19 Pages – Ages 4+

A little sunflower named Faith has a big problem! Faith was afraid she’d be small forever. All the other sunflowers were tall and beautiful. Faith was very small and didn’t seem to be growing. Faith’s friends Fergie the Frog, Callie the Caterpillar and Beezle the Bumblebee all try to cheer her up by telling her it’s OK to be different but Faith doesn’t have any faith! Faith and her friends then hear a voice from above and it helps Faith understand that everything in God’s creation is important and special and that God loves everything in the world.

I think this picture book has a great message! I like how Faith has good friends that all try to cheer her up. Faith has a lot to be thankful for. I think the message of believing in yourself and knowing God loves you told in the book is a great message for everyone. I also really liked the illustrations in the  book. They are colorful and nice to look at….see?

The story was written well and I think it will make a great read aloud. The story is simple and younger kids will really like it. To learn more about Mimi Atkins and her books, please visit her website HERE. Click on the image of the book to buy it!

Five out of five book worms for the nice story of faith (or Faith 😉 ) “How Big is Your Faith?”

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  1. Beautiful illustration! Not a bad interview, either. 😉

  2. I enjoyed your interview! Thanks for sharing. And How Big Is Your Faith looks like a wonderful story. I love the illustrations!

  3. Congrats Mimi on publication. Looks like a fun book. (Great interview Erik). The illustrations look lovely.

  4. I am so glad to see books like this as we all need a little encouragement and reminding now and then about God’s love. This may be a great book for my young grandson.

    This is a good interview, Erik. 🙂

  5. Thanks Erik for introducing Mimi and her books to us. This seems like a great selection for Perfect Picture Book Friday and I’m glad you picked it.

    Great interview, too. Am going over now to her web site and browse. Thanks again.

    • Thanks! I hope you like Ms. Atkins’ book as much as I do. (just a note I didn’t post it as a PPBF. The book I did post for PPBF is “Can you see it?” which is another awesome picture book, so check that one out too!) 🙂

  6. Thankyou for sharing this wonderful book Erik. The illustrations are so colourful and the message is very special. Love the interview to.

  7. Hello everyone! Thanks so much for your kind words. I would be glad to follow your blogs and be in touch!

    Erik – you totally rock and I am glad you reviewed me. It is an honor to be interviewed by a kid (my target audience) and to get 5/5 bookworms. AWESOME. Please go to Amazon and rate me there and copy and paste your review to help other readers. I appreciate it!

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