Quote of the Week – A. A. Milne (Winnie The Pooh)

Today’s quote is by Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne). I picked today’s quote because I like the thought of sharing a book with a friend who is a little down (or stuck in Pooh’s case). I think the quote is a really funny! Also, the reason a “Wedged Bear in Great Tightness” got there is funny! It was nice of Christopher Robin to read Pooh books when he was stuck.

“Then would you read a Sustaining Book, such as would help and comfort a Wedged Bear in Great Tightness”

If you have a great quote about books or reading for my quote of the week please email it to me at Erik@thiskidreviewsbooks.com !

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  1. I love Winnie-the-Pooh, and that quote is great! (I also love the story behind it, and the illustration of Rabbit using the back end of W-the-P to hang his washing on, while Christopher Robin read to the front end.)

    Thanks, Erik!

  2. LOL! Great quote and explanation. I see you’re using an Ernest Shepard illustration. Smart choice. He’s by far the best.

  3. I love Pooh. But Tigger is the absolute best! Super quote!!! *waving*

  4. I love Winnie-the-Pooh and Ernest Shepard’s illustrations, although I confess I didn’t actually read the books until I was grown-up. Another of my favorite quotes from Pooh is, “Piglet is so small that he slips into a pocket, where it is very comfortable to feel him when you are not quite sure whether twice seven is twelve or twenty-two.” 🙂

  5. I love this quote and I love when literature is embraced on all sides. Remember, I am a teacher. Also, on Twitter the other day they had a trending topic called #booksyoucaneat and people put stuff like: “The Audacity of Steak” “The Color Hamburger” “Of Rice and Men” “The Old Fish in the Sea,” and others. I loved it. EMBRACE READING is my mantra!

  6. Ha! Ha! Ha! (There’s just something wonderful about these old classics.)

    I second Robyn. “The wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things…”

  7. That’s a terrific quote, Erik. I grew up on A.A. Milne and the original illustrations (definitely not the Disney versions). There’s a reason some books stay in print forever.

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