My Clearest Me

My Clearest Me

By Gueh Yanting, Claudine  and Quek Rui Zhen, Sarah

24 pages – ages 5+ (kindle edition reviewed)

Published by Carry Us Off Books on October 20, 2011

Wynn hears his teacher telling his mother that he is too quiet. She says she worries that he won’t make friends and he won’t be able to live his dreams. Wynn wonders if he should be loud and rowdy like the other kids. His mother tells him to be anyway he wants to be. Wynn still wonders if he should try to “fit in” and be more like the other kids. After wandering around and talking to the moon and the stars, Wynn decides he likes himself the way he is. He knows he will make friends and he will be who he wants to be.

I really enjoyed this book. I like Wynn because he’s not shy but he’s a quiet boy and he decides that he just likes who he is. He decides he shouldn’t be what others think he should.  Sometimes I feel like I am quiet (like I like to read A LOT and that’s a quiet thing to do). I know how Wynn feels. The illustrations have a great amount of color and beauty and they go with the story well. I think it would make a great read aloud book.

I like what Claudine Gueh Yanting said about Wynn on the book’s website –

“Like Wynn, I tried fitting in with the crowd I was in, I tried raising a ruckus wreck, and I felt really tired afterwards. Worn out, lost, and still, darn it, rather small. Wynn is much cleverer. He accepts who he is and enjoys what he likes. ”

Five out of five book worms for “My Clearest Me”!

The trailer for the book is really nice (great music too)!

My Clearest Me is available in ebook form. To learn more about “My Clearest Me” and the other books offered by Carry Us Off Books, please visit their website HERE

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  1. Great review, Erik! I’m going to RT your twitter link.

  2. This sounds like a lovely book with a nice message. I like quiet books.

  3. Thank you, Erik, for your wonderful review! Like you, I love to read and some times not everybody gets why we enjoy our ‘quiet’ activity this much. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Beautiful message with a great message. I like it that the boy figures out what is best for him — being himself. Love the video.

  5. I am usually not a fan of quiet books, but this one seems quite lovely and touching. Love the music for the trailer. I hope my library has this book.

  6. Erik how did you get a copy of this book to review?

    • The author actually contacted me and asked me to review it. Because she is in and the book was published in Singapore, it was difficult for her to get a hard-cover to me. So, I just ended up buying a Kindle copy for 0.99. I think you can order it off of Carry Us Off Books Website.

  7. I was quiet and shy when I was young, and I would have loved a book like this to help me be MY clearest me. Thank you for sharing this book with us, and for helping the author reach others who will appreciate and learn from her book.

  8. P.S. The trailer really did “carry me away” — I loved it!

  9. Wynn sounds like the student I like – quiet yet ever so inquisitive I bet. Those are the good luck charms in the class and talking with them reveals a lot. I love the message of, “Be yourself.” and “It’s okay to stand out even through silence.” Awesome book review, Erik!

  10. It sounds like a lovely book with a great message. Great book trailer too!

  11. Erik, I am so impressed with your blog. This sounds like an enjoyable book.
    Mr Timothy Davis is a Goodreads friend of mine. He would like to get more ofa following on our discussion group. I posted my on my blog asking parents what they kids are reading. I would love to have you hop over to my blog and leave acomment.
    You write so well, I am wondering how old you arer , if I may ask. I am a 61 yo grandma.
    malika Bourne the no Non-cents nanna

  12. I love the distinction between shy and quiet in this book. I think it is an important one. This is a book with an important message that will definitely speak to certain kids. I would hope it finds a place in many libraries and homes!

  13. This book sounds amazing and so important in getting kids to think about loving themselves exactly the way they are. Added it to my wishlist. Thanks Erik!


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