Guest Review by Emma “Time Cat”

Today I have a special guest reviewer – Emma (age 8)! This is Emma’s second review on my blog check out her other reviews listed under my guest reviewer category!

Time Cat

By Lloyd Alexander

224 pages – ages 8+

Published by Puffin February 1, 1996

Time cat is about a boy named Jason and his cat Gareth. One day, Jason is sent to his room for punching his little brother. Frustrated and angry, he says “I wish I had nine lives.” And to his surprise, Gareth says “I do too.”

This is the start of nine magical adventures for Jason and Gareth that take them from Ancient Egypt to America just before the Revolution.

What I liked best about this book is that it’s very suspenseful. I couldn’t put it down! I really cared about these characters because the writing made me feel like I was in the book traveling through time with them. At times, the descriptions were so clear I felt like I could reach out and touch Gareth’s glossy black fur!

You should read this book if you like magic, cats and time travel.

I would give this book five (out of five) book worms!

Thanks Emma for the great review! Sounds like a story I would like! If anyone knows of any kids that would like to do a guest review on my site, please let me know – you can contact me at !

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  1. Great review, Emma! Erik, do you think, when you have the time, you could add this book, with Emma’s review, to our Goodreads group “Parents of Tweens”? Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a great book, Emma! Thanks for the review. It reminds me just a little of an old book called Charmed Life (I think that’s it) about a boy who has nine lives like a cat – great read if you haven’t read it.

    Erik – I have noticed that all your reviewer’s names begin with E – Erik, Ethan, Emma 🙂 – is that a requirement for the guest post or just a coincidence? 🙂

  3. Great job, Emma. I have this on my list of books to reread this spring. I loved this one as a child. I used to own it but, alas, like so many books I loaned out, it never found its way home. I just read the first book in Lloyd Alexander’s Prydain Chronicles, The Book of Three, for the very first time. Excellent! The review is scheduled on my blog next week.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Great job Emma! I love time-travel adventure books and this seems like a great one 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your reviews! You have to tell Erik what you think of The Throne of Fire. It is one of his favorite series.

  5. Great review, Emma! You’ve certainly made me want to read this book. Thanks!

  6. Emma, you did such a great view of what sounds like a book that is full of action and a lot of fun. Made me want to read it. I like time travel. Again, wonderful job!

    • Great book review Emma! 🙂

      I really liked it! I read called Warriors about Warrior cats that live in four clans!

      ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan and RiverClan. They are great books and have several series following them besides the original Warriors sereies!

      You can go to their website by clicking this link–

      The only thing is when you first get on these to cats on the screen yowl and charge at each other real loud! (Who knew?) So if you haven’t read the books and you get on and the very FIRST thing you see is two cats about to fight….

      Well you’d probably get weirded out and be like- What kind of website is this?! But it’s actually pretty cool and fun! 🙂 Next to Harry Potter they are my FAVORITE!!!! 😀 😀 (Sorry that I typed so much for just a comment.)

  7. I love this book. I gave it to my grandson when he was 10 (but I read it first). He really liked it too. It is a fun way to learn history. You gave it a wonderful review Emma. Thanks Erik for inviting Emma as your guest.

  8. I have heard of this book, but haven’t got to it yet. Read another Lloyd Alexander novel some time ago (The Boy and the Gawgon) and I loved it. I believe I’ll enjoy this one, too.

    Great review, Emma! (Thanks, Erik, for introducing Emma to us. 🙂

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