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Today’s quote I saw at the Lego competition I went to last weekend on one of the Lego Robotic Team’s presentation board. (I wish I wrote down which team it was so I could give them credit 🙁  ). They had the quote being from Anonymous. I really like the quote because I think it’s true.

“We are the authors of our own lives… Too bad we write in pen so we can not erase our mistakes” – Unknown

If you have a great quote about books or reading for my quote of the week please email it to me at Erik@thiskidreviewsbooks.com !

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  1. Great quote, Erik. Reminds me of a funny saying. “I hate my past. How can I change it?”

  2. Oh wow! I can so relate to those words. You will find, Erik, that the older you get the more that makes sense, and probably the more you wish you could erase. I’d love to be able to rip whole chapters out of my life’s book.
    I think the point is to live each day the best we can, we can’t go back to change a thing.

    Keep up the great work, Erik. 🙂

  3. Love this quote, but I thought — I write in a Word document. So sometimes, I delete delete delete my mistakes. Typing on a computer helps me keep moving forward though. One letter at a time … have a great week.

  4. If you erase your mistakes you risk repeating them. Although with your memory you won’t have to worry about it. Dad

  5. I don’t know that I’d want to erase mistakes – that’s how you learn. And you can always try to do better 🙂

  6. Great quote! Too bad some of our actions are not done in pencil.

  7. I love that quote Erik. My Dad always said, “if you don’t make any mistakes, you will never learn anything.” I also agree with your Dad.

  8. This is a very profound quote. Thanks for sharing it Erik!

  9. Cool quote, Erik. But I like your Dad’s wise words, too.

    This reminds me of all those Groundhog Day-type movies and books (like Todd Strasser’s Help! I’m Trapped in the First Day of School, which is probably out of print now) where the character has to repeat a single day over and over until he gets it right! Wouldn’t that be great if we could actually do that? Also pretty scary!

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