Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts by Victoria Kann

Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts

By Victoria Kann

24 pages – ages 3+

Published by HarperFestival on November 22, 2011

Pinkalicious made a beautiful perfectly pink valentine that she worked very hard on for her best friend Alison. It took her all night to make. She couldn’t wait to give it to Alison and Pinkalicious dreamed about the pinkariffic valentine that her “secret valentine” was making for her! Allison LOVES the valentine Pinkalicious made for her and when Pinkalicious opens her valentine, she is a little disappointed to find a very plain not so pink valentine from Alison. Pinkalicious then sees a note she didn’t see before. The note was a beautiful valentine that Alison wrote just for her! Pinkalicious learn that not everything wonderful has to be pink!

This book is a perfect valentine book! In fact, my parents gave it to my little sister, Josie. My Mom took Josie to the Pinkalicious Party at Harleysville Books – which I tagged along to report about here (on my blog).

When we got there, there was a whole room filled with little girls ALL IN PINK…and me…(NOT in pink – thankfully). Miss Steph read “Pinkalicious” to us and the read “Pink of Hearts” too! Miss Steph is a great story reader.

After Ms. Steph finished reading, she split the kids into two groups – one was making valentines first and the other making wands first – and Josie went with the wand group so I tagged along.

Josie and her friends Katie and Shea made wands! OK! OK! I made a wand too.
Then you got to make your own valentines… BUT it wasn’t all pink (thankfully 😉 ).!

To learn more about Ms. Kann and all the Pinkalicious books, please visit the Pinkalicious website HERE.

When you visit the website, you can “pinkify” yourself! Here’s Josie!

And, Me. 🙁

Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Great review, Erik. I’m going to retweet it.

  2. You and all the pink girls reminds me of the book 19 Girls and Me by Darcy Pattison 🙂 It was very brave of you to attend!

  3. Pink may not be quite an Erik color — but you’re such a good sport for going with Josie and doing the stuff with her. Yay you!

    This was fun to read!

  4. Erik, I’m glad you don’t show gender bias in your selections. We’ve read a few Fancy Nancy books in this house too, mostly because I wanted to read them. Now I’m off to pinkify myself.

  5. I’ve read Pinkalicious, but not this one! It sounds cute. You look exceptionally pink 🙂 Kind of reminds me of Pink 5 🙂

  6. I am so totally impressed that you went to a Pinkalicious Party! What a cool brother! I hated pink as a kid, but quite like it now. I have written a very anti-pink picture book :-), but this one sounds great!

  7. I do love that you don’t read only “boy” books, but from what I’ve gotten to know of you and your folks, I’m not surprised at all. And good for you for going to the Pinkalicious party with Josie and being a good sport about being pinked! Excellent review as always.

    • Thanks! I do like a lot of “girl” books. I don’t really know why people think boys won’t like them. I thought being pinked was funny! I liked going with my sister!

      • Doing stuff together like that will be what you remember most when you grow up too. My best memories all include spending time with with my little brother. As a matter of fact, I bought him a copy of his favorite Clifford The Big Red Dog book for Christmas… and he’s 32!. He bugged me to read it to him over and over when we were little. 🙂

      • My mom and my Uncle are still good “friends”. I think Josie and I will be when we grow up. 🙂

  8. Hi Erik. I have a surprise for you. I know you will be shocked, awed, and amazed but keep your cool. Today is YOUR special day, Erik,the kid who reviews books. Because (I was always taught not to start a sentence with the word because). Because you, Erik, you have been . . . sit down . . . ready? You have been . . . sure you are all set? Okay. You, Erik have been nominated, by me, for a . . . LIEBSTER!

    Yes, you are a lucky dude,Erik. I like your blog and your reviews better than any other on the web. Wait. That’s not right. Hm. Okay, I like your blog and reviews SECOND best on the web. I’m not gonna tell you who I like best of all. (ME! what can I say–ego) I know you are loaded with awards, but yours is the site I like the best. It seems wrong to give one to others and not one to you.

    Besides, I know there are another five things you’d like to say about yourself. 😉

    You know what to do next.

  9. Hey chum, You are such a cool dude turning up to a Pinkalicious party with your sister Josie. I am impressed, and I love the review you have done on the book and the party. You even pinked yourself and your blog….. very cool!
    Congrats on another Liebster award….. (oops reminds me I have some writing to finish and post)

  10. I was all set to say .. so, what’s wrong with PINK?!! I like pink! Then you said in comments that it’s an okay colour (<– Canadian spelling) after all, so I will say instead: what a great time you seem to have had, and what a wonderful big brother you are. 🙂

  11. Oh what a cute Valentine’s book! You’re such a good brother to make cards with your sister!

  12. Erik, the working title of my book, as it isn’t published yet, is ‘A Pink Stink’.

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