Dream Robbers (Nature Elves) by R C Scott

Dream Robbers (Nature Elves)

By R C Scott

Kindle version reviewed – 433 KB  – ages 8+

Published by Omega Star Publishing on December 1, 2011

As but a few may know, the oldest legends say that some people on this Earth today came from Elves. Those legends also say some people came from Dwarfs. Nobody really knows about such things.”

There is something very wrong because children everywhere have stopped dreaming! When the stream of dreams, the stream of magic waters that allowed children to dream, dried up it became impossible for children to dream. Twelve Nature Elf children decide they have to make things right. With their parents under the spell of evil dwarves, the children take a long, hard journey to find why the stream was blocked and get it flowing again. In the little group there were Nature Elves of all kind, like Fire Elves, Forest Elves and Sky elves. During their mission they have to deal with all kinds of dangers, like evil trees, crows, and sinister dwarves that want to stop them! They get help along the way from the nice fairies from the Fairy Kingdom! When they find what’s the matter with the stream fixing it isn’t as easy as they thought…

I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun fantasy/adventure book. “Dream Robbers” is a great story and Mr. Scott made a pretty awesome world for it to take place in. I thought the plot idea was really unique, it’s kind of a fairy tale for older kids. The elf children characters in the book were great, all 12 of them! I really liked the shape-shifter character Easy Longstep because he was there to help them and gave them advice, some about feelings and actions (which we could use in real life). He also warned them about dangers on the journey ahead of them and showed from time to time to help them. The book was a clean read and I would recommend it to kids ages 8+. The only thing I would change about the book is the cover art, I didn’t care for it. The characters were cute but hard to see.

Five out of five book worms for the really fun adventure story “Dream Robbers”

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  1. This book sounds great – people are so imaginative aren’t they? I love these books you find about dreams! Thanks for sharing – this one looks like a must-read!

  2. I love the name Easy Longstep! That’s got a great ring to it.

  3. Excellent review, Erik! My son Ben and I love a good fantasy story, thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  4. Excellent review, Erik. Is fantasy a genre that you are very keen on?

  5. Oh, I really like your choice Erik. I love good fantasy, especially when it involves elves, faires and nature spirits. Sometimes we just need a good book to escape into. Really nice review!

    • Thank you for the compliments Mrs. Tilton! I really like fantasy with wizards, dragons/mythical creatures, fairies, and nature spirits (I’m not sure about elves -sometimes they’re bad and sometimes they are good 🙂 ). Have you ever read Artemis Foul?

  6. Another great review, Erik. This sounds like an interesting story and a unique idea.

    • Thank you Mr. Granger! It IS a unique and interesting story and idea!
      P.S. — Off Topic — I just finished “Anabar’s Run”! You hooked me to the trilogy! I want to read the second book now! 😉 I’ll be publishing my review soon!

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