Alex Mortimer and The Beast of Wildeor by Brian A. Dearsley

The Beast of Wildeor

By Brian A. Dearsley

Edited by Susan Pryke

Illustrated by Kevan Anne Murray

180 pages (ebook version reviewed) – ages 11+

Published by Walden House on November 11, 2011

Fourteen-year old Alex Mortimer was an orphan. He was forced to work as a helper in the boiler room of a ship by his mean guardian, Ms. Pudsley. Alex actually didn’t mind all the hard work because it kept him away from Ms. Pudsley. His life changed one day when some men from a group called “The Ultima” tried to kidnap him along with Sarah Greystone, a first class passenger on the ship he was working on. What made things worse is that Mrs. Pudsley was in on the plot to kidnap him! World War I flying ace, Lonsdale Donnely (A.K.A. Lonnie A.K.A. Mop) was sent by Sarah’s parents to rescue the two children. Mop rescues the kids from the Ultima by flying them away in his sea plane at the last minute! Mop promises to take the kids to a safe place called “Wildeor”. Alex can’t understand why anyone would want to kidnap him. During the plane ride Mop explains that Alex’s family has played an important role in keeping the balance between good and evil in the world for a very long time. Once in Wildeor, Alex discovers that his family is part of “The Lords of Allegiance” and this time it is up to him to help save Wildeor and the world from the Ultima (who want to destroy Wildeor and take over the world). Once in Wildeor, Alex and Sarah find that the legends of King Arthur and Merlin are true…well sort of…and that the legends connect King Arthur, the Ultima and Alex.

I TOTALLY LOVED “The Beast of Wildeor.” It is the first book in the series. The book is a cool mix of historical fiction and fantasy. The book is PACKED with action and excitement and romance (kidding – no romance 😉 ). The world of Wildeor Mr. Dearsley created is just awesome. It is a completely different re-telling of the King Arthur/Merlin legend. Alex is a great main character and Sarah also is really likeable. My favorite character so far is Tom. The kids meet him on Wildeor and I can’t tell you too much because it will give the story away, but he’s pretty cool for an old guy. Mr. Dearsley described the world of Wildeor very well and I think it is very creative. There are small illustrations throughout the book that are a nice part of the book too. I really can’t wait to read the second book! I would recommend the book to kids 11+ because there is some rough language in it and some non-graphic violence (although the part where they get attacked by a big lizard-chicken was kind of funny).

FIVE out of FIVE bookworms for “The Beast of Wildeor”!


You can find more about “Alex Mortimer and The Beast of Wildeor” at it’s facebook page HERE. You can purchase the ebook and paperback at Amazon.

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  1. SOunds like a great book. I love Arthurian legends, so if this is a different twist on those, it must be very interesting! Enjoyed your romance joke 🙂

  2. 5/5 this must be a good one, Erik! I can feel the pace and adventure in your review! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Many thanks for the ‘brillsome’ (and very well written!) review, Erik! I’m thrilled you liked the book (so’s Tom!)… I’ll let you know when book #2 is ready! Cheers… B.A.Dearsley

  4. OOOOH! This one sounds good!!

  5. I love the legends of King Arthur and Merlin — so you caught my attention right away. Sounds like a great adventure story mixed with fantasy. Great review Erik!

  6. I too love anything about King Aurthur so it caught my interest. Sounds very good, must check it out. My list is growing.

  7. What an enthusiastic review. I’m going to forward this to my niece. Sounds like a great book.

  8. Whoa! I haven’t read this one…. sounds very exciting, A great adventure…. thanks Erik

  9. “pretty cool for an old guy”, huh? Well, I think you’re pretty cool for a kid, Erik! 😉
    You have made this book sound like a great read. Do you think it also is interesting for older folk who are young at heart? 🙂

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