Twitch The Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge by Don M. Winn

Twitch The Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge

By Don M. Winn

Illustrated by Dave Allred

20 pages / ages 4+

Published by Cardboard Box Adventures on January 11, 2012

Twitch is a very bold squirrel. He is great at collecting nuts. He saw a ravine with a HUGE tree on the other side of the ravine. The tree was full of nuts! Twitch’s parents told him it wasn’t safe to cross the ravine to get to the tree but Twitch ignored his parents rules and tried to get to the tree. Twitch’s actions put him into terrible danger!

I really liked “Twitch The Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge” a lot. The message of the book is something that all kids should read. I have to say that I had an experience similar to Twitch’s. I went on thin ice (literally) after my parents told me to stay away from the water, to not even go near it…and I didn’t listen. I fell through the ice but I was lucky and was able to get out. I am sad because I didn’t listen to my parents when they trusted me. This book has special meaning to me. I realize that  parents tell kids not to do things to help protect them. Besides the great message of this book, I like the illustrations and the fact that Mr. Winn includes questions at the back of the book that parents can talk to their kids about. Questions like “Do your parents make rules you don’t understand?” and “If you were a parent what kind of rules would you make?” I think this book would be great for kids of all ages!

Five out of five bookworms for the very important book “Twitch The Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge”

Mr. Winn has a whole series of great picture books with great messages. You can learn more about his books by visiting his website by clicking HERE.

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  1. Sounds like a good book, Erik. I like the questions at the end. Your own experience sounds like a good idea for a story!

  2. Really liked how you approached your review. The personal experiences really added a lot. And your questions asking both kids and parents, what ikind of rules would they make is a very good exercise. Have you done it? Sounds like a potential book to me? Great review!

    • Thank you Ms. Tilton! Yeah, the experience taught me a lesson… I am allowed to ask questions about rules I don’t understand, my parents listen but ususally still keep the rules. I agree with you and Ms. Hill that I should write a book about my experience… Maybe call it “Thin Ice (Literally)”? 😉

  3. Erik, I did exactly the same at your age and i had to walk home soaking wet with no sympathy from my mum who told me not to go on the thin ice. How funny we both did that. We won’t do it again will we? 🙂

  4. The lessons we learn the hard way are the ones we will most remember.
    I am so very glad you were able to get out of the freezing water, Erik. I bet you appreciate your parents’ wise counsel even better now, right?
    Good review.

  5. Loved hearing why you liked the story and how it related to your life. Thanks Erik!

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