Perfect Picture Book Friday – A Mother for Choco

First I have exciting news! My little sister brought home her Scholastic book order form and guess what I saw in it….

 Pretty Cool Ms. Hill! 🙂

Next – Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! You can see my review of my favorite Dr. Seuss book (“Would You Rather be a Bullfrog”)  HERE.

NOW for Perfect Picture Book Friday!

Susanna Leonard Hill has a feature on her blog called Perfect Picture Book Friday. It is a list of “perfect” picture books recommended by all sorts of people. I chose this book because of the subject – adoption and it is one of my favorite books!

A Mother for Choco

By Keiko Kasza

Ages 4+ / 32 pages

Published by Putnam Juvenile on March 25, 1992

Theme/Topic – Adoption / acceptance

Opening and Synopsis –“Choco was a little bird who lived all alone. He wished he had a mother, but who could his mother be? One day he set off to find her.”

Choco is a very lonely little bird. He lives all by himself and he doesn’t have a mother. He decides to go out and find a mother. Choco asks all kinds of animals if they are his mother. The penguin, giraffe and walrus all say they don’t look like him so they can’t be his mother. Choco starts to cry because he doesn’t belong, no one looks like him, so, no one is his mother. Miss Bear hears Choco crying and asks what is wrong. Choco tells her that he doesn’t look like anyone so he doesn’t belong. Bear asks Choco what would a mother do instead of asking Choco what would a mother look like. Choco says a mother would dance, sing, cheer you up, kiss, and hug you and Bear does just that with Choco. Bear says she has to go home to her other children and asks Choco to come too and let her be his mother. Choco meets bear’s other children, Hippy (a hippo), Aly (an alligator) and Piggy (a … pig 🙂 ). Choco realizes it doesn’t matter what a family looks like, just as long as they love each other.

Why I liked this book – Well just look at Choco – who wouldn’t LOVE that little bird?

Adoption stories are important to me (I’m adopted). I think the book shows that families don’t always look like each other and that doesn’t really matter. I’d like the story even if I wasn’t adopted because it shows what is really important about families – love!

Activities and Resources – To learn more about Keiko Kasza, you can visit her website HERE. I also found a neat craft for making your own Choco at the “4 Crazy Kings” blogspot HERE. I also think a good activity is to look at family pictures and tell what looks the same and different about people but then tell what you really like about the people and you will see it is usually something that really has nothing to do with what they look like. I think that is a good message to kids.

To find more Perfect Picture Books please visit Susanna Hill’s blog  HERE!

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  1. What a cute character and the perfect read to introduce adoption, Erik!

  2. You made my day, Erik, and it’s only 7:14! Thank you so much for posting the book order with Phyllis in it! – even I haven’t seen the actual thing, only the PDF online. And would you believe it? I don’t have my author copies yet so I haven’t heard the recording!

    I love this book you chose. I also really like adoption stories for the same reason, and any book about acceptance and families being about love is one I think carries an important message for all kids and families. Great job with the resources too! Thanks so much for adding this title to our list – I think we only have one other adoption story so far, so this s really great! And thanks again for the Scholastic pic!

    • I’m glad I made your day! It was exciting to see Phyllis in the book order! Hopefully you’ll get your author copies soon! I’m also glad you like the book Ms. Hill! I have more adoption books to list/review!

  3. Oh, I so used to look forward to getting my Scholastic order form when I was younger!

  4. I love this sweet, sweet story about acceptance, adoption and love. Fantastic choice, Erik.

    Isn’t it cool that Phyllis made the Scholastic book orders? 🙂

  5. You’re right…who could look at that picture and not love that little bird. I haven’t read this yet, Erik, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to like it when I do. Thanks for your great review.

  6. I noticed Susanna’s book in my daughter’s book order, too! (I also LOVED getting them as a child). I like Keiko Kasza’s books. I was just recommending one of her other books to a friend this week. Nice pick, Eric!

  7. First, congrats, Susanna! Boy do I hope we get our Scholastic book order today. Second, Erik, thanks so much for pointing out this book. I have a couple of friends who are adoption consultants and they say there’s a gap in the market for non-religious adoption stories. I’ll have to make sure they are aware of this one.

  8. First of all, thanks SO much for sharing the appearance of Phyllis in your sister’s Scholastic book order sheet. YAY Phyllis! (And Susanna! 😉 )

    This book sounds wonderful, and I especially like the activities you suggested yourself. They are perfect. Thanks, Erik!

  9. What a lovely book and you’re right. Who wouldn’t love Choco! He’s so absolutely adorable. Adoption are a great topic to address in picture books. There should be more.

    Great choice! 🙂 *waving*

  10. Beautiful choice Erik. He is such a cute little bird who wouldn’t love him… Great choice with a wonderful message, I like also that it meant a lot to you.
    Fantastic that you spotted Susanna’s Phyllis in the magazine… YAY!
    Such a joy coming here to your blog as always, thanks Erik.

  11. You’re adopted, Erik? I don’t know why that surprised me, of course not in a bad way. I think it is wonderful that you and your family have been brought together to enjoy each other and enrich each other’s lives. 🙂
    (On a personal note, it was a joyful event when my nephew was brought into this family.)

    The book you picked is so cute. You have turned out another very good review.

  12. Erik, this looks like a great book and I’m with you- who wouldn’t love that little bird. he’s adorable! Great choice for this week.
    A2ZMommy and What’s In Between

  13. I Choco from the illustration too. And, what a great message. Thanks for sharing the book (and the Scholastic order form with Susanna’s book. That was so nice).

  14. Sounds like winner to me. We need more books along this order.

    And thanks for showing all of us the scholastic order form with Susanna’s book in it. *Yay*


  15. Choco is an adorable little bird! What a lovely stroy for kids. You always find the best books.

  16. Having books like this one is so important! Thanks for sharing it with us. Choco is adorable, and I can’t wait to read it!

  17. You’re right – who wouldn’t love that bird? And how cool that you saw Susanna’s book in the Scholastic catalog!! 🙂

  18. I love reading the Scholastic book orders at school. Oh that looks like a very cute book! 🙂 I bet Bear is the perfect mother for Choco!

  19. Nice selection, Erik. And a good review, as always. Hey! Dr. Seuss!

  20. Excellent book, as usual, Erik! This topic is a nice addition to the PPBF lineup.

  21. Erik…thank you so much for giving us a heads-up on Ms. Hill’s book appearance in the Scholastic order form…that is fantastic!
    Your PPBF choice is a wonderful one…I love picture books that address important issues. And your resources are terrific! I will have to try to find this book.
    Oh, and the little bird reminds me of Tweety Bird. 🙂

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