News Flash! Get “Vikram and the Enchanted Seal” for free!

NEWS FLASH!! Mr. Behera (the author) is offering “Vikram and the Enchanted Seal” -the Kindle ebook- for free for a little time! Check it out on Amazon. Read my review of the book I posted yesterday HERE. Don’t judge this book by its cover!…actually check out all the comments  about the cover, including a comment from Mr. Behera, in the discussion of yesterday’s post.

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  1. Yeah! Thanks, Erik and Mr. Behera! I downloaded it.

    • I hope you like it! I should have mentioned in my review that there is some mild language like “shut-up” and “idiot” name calling but it only happens a few times. My mom didn’t edit it so I guess she thought it was an OK level. The story is really good and I read about the Ramayana myth it is based on that’s cool too!

  2. Great! Thanks, I’ll go grab it!

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