Sir Princess Petra by Diane Mae Robinson

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Today is International Read Aloud Day!

To celebrate see the video at the end of my review!

Sir Princess Petra – The Pen Pieyu Adventures

By Diane Mae Robinson

68 pages – ages 7+

Publisher: Tate Publishing (January 17, 2012)

When Princess Petra’s royal birthday comes, granting her anything her heart desires, she wishes to become a royal knight. Her parents aren’t too happy and tell her girls can’t be knights…but there is no official rule to stop her. Petra has to complete a task to become a knight and the task was to hush the howling, nasty dragon that lives in the forest of DOOM (which might not be as easy as it sounds 😉 ). Yet Petra, full of confidence, sets off to face all the dangers that a knight will face. Bees, hawks, beastly bog rats and enemy knights can’t stop Petra, but can she hush the dragon?

I liked this book because it has a great story line and a great message about believing in yourself. Petra proves that she and all girls can be daring, adventurous and brave. I think Petra was a great character and I liked Snarls (the dragon) even better because he had good sense and dragons are just cool. The book is a beginning chapter book so there isn’t a lot of details in it but it tells a complete story. The black and white illustrations in the book are really great too. The book is part of “The Pen Pieyu Adventures.” I hope that means there will be more books about Petra coming out! This book is an awesome beginning chapter book and a great read aloud…hey that gives me an idea…KEEP READING!!

Five out of Five bookworms for “Sir Princess Petra”

***Sue Morris of Kid-Lit-Reviews told me about “Sir Princess Petra” and I am glad she did!

To learn more about “Sir Princess Petra” and Diane Mae Robinson, please visit her website HERE.

You can purchase “Sir Princess Petra” as a paperback or ebook at the Tate publishing wesite (HERE) or at Amazon (HERE).

Now, click on the video because I am celebrating Read Aloud Day…by reading aloud 😉

This is my first time making my own video so sorry if it isn’t so good.

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  1. Happy Read Aloud Day, Erik! I LOVED your video and hearing you read aloud – fantastic emphasis in just the right places. I am partial to dragon books and books that promote believing in yourself, so am pretty sure I would loves this one.

  2. Loved the review – I think Petra and Phyllis would hit it off famously! 🙂 But I loved the video even more – especially your curtsy, and your portrayal of the Queen! Excellent job! Enjoy Read Aloud Day – maybe you’ll get to do some extra allowed reading during school 🙂

  3. Happy World Read Aloud Day! Cooper (age 5) and Finley (age 3) gave your video two thumbs up.

  4. Happy Read Aloud Day to you too, Erik. Loved the video and the review! I’ll have to get the book so I can find out the rest of the story.

  5. What??!! International Reading Day? Oh, whew! I already read aloud today! (So, do we get to pinch those who didn’t?)

    Very entertaining video!! Loved it. 🙂

  6. Hee, hee, I mean “Read Aloud Day.”

  7. Happy Read Aloud Day Erik! You did a great job reading aloud, you really got into character. The public speaking side of writing will be a doddle for you. The book sounds great too, thanks.

  8. Great reading, Erik, and great review! (I definitely have to get this book!) Thanks so much for this.

  9. Happy Read Aloud Day Erik! Wow not only a great review but a great video. So enjoyed seeing you and have you reading the book to us. As Catherine said, you really get into character…. loved it. *waves*

  10. What a great review Erik – I’m going to get this book based on your review and great video. I know my kids and I are going to love it.

    P.S. – everyday is read aloud day at our house!! Whoop! 😉

  11. Happy Read Aloud Day Erik! I loved your video — see some acting talent there. Does’t surprise me. You did a great job with the video. Hope we see more. Now we know what you look and sound like. Great book review — I thought of Bruce Coville’s Unicorn Chronicles during your review. Think I’d like this book. Beth posted your review under the Emma Walton Hamilton’s Children’s Book Hub on FB today.

    • Thank you Ms. Tilton! I am glad you like my “acting”! I haven’t read Mr. Coville’s Unicorn Chronicles. I read his book “My Teacher is an Alien” and I wasn’ fond of it (I just thought it was too weird). I looked up The Unicorn Chronicles and it looks like a series I would like. I am going to give it a try! I will also look up Ms. Hamilton’s “book hub”! Thank you!!

  12. Happy Read Aloud Day Eric! Great video, especially the curtsey and *running in circles* bit! Will have to get a copy and read the rest! Bravo!

  13. Great job Erik. Your video is a great new feature for your blog.

  14. Erik, this was great! I would say that if a girl can save her kingdom, a boy can certainly curtsy – a fine curtsy too, I might add. 😉

    Your reading of this story made it appealing. Thanks!

  15. Happy Read Aloud Day, Erik! I loved your review and your video. You have me intrigued enough to go buy the book and find out what happens. I also teach first grade, so I’m always looking for good beginning chapter books. Thanks for introducing me to something new.

  16. Erik,

    Wow!!!! I knew you would like this book, but I didn’t realize what a salesman you are. I think you have everyone who commented wanting to buy this book. The author is going to love you for it.

    I never thought to do a video reading aloud for World Read Aloud Day. You did a great job. I love how you animated some of the words. That really makes the story much more interesting to hear. Such a multi-talent you are.


    • I really appreciate you telling me about this book! It was a great story! I thought of the video after I wrote in the post that it would be a good read aloud and I knew it would be posted on “Read Aloud Day.” I am glad you liked it 🙂

  17. Happy Read Aloud Day Erik! Thank you for reading to all of us today. You did great!

  18. This is my kind of book Erik! And I LOVE your video. Not only are you a great book reviewer, you are a great reader as well. Everyone will be buying that book now.

  19. Erik, you did a wonderful job and the book sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations on doing such a great job on the video.

  20. Wonderful job on the video. Sounds like a great book from your reading and review too.


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