Quote of the Week – Joseph Brodsky and Contest! OOGA!

This week’s quote was sent to me by Michelle Isenhoff, author of the great children’s historical fiction novels  ”The Color of Freedom,” “The Candle Star,” “Broken Ladders,” and her new  fantasy fiction book”The Quill Pen.” It is by Joseph Brodsky. He was a Russian poet and was awarded the 1987 Nobel Prize in Literature.

“There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.” – Joseph Brodsky

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To read more about Mrs. Isenhoff’s books, visit her site HERE.


Image  Tara Lazar is having a contest on her blog Writing for Kids (While Raising Them). Click HERE to go to it. The is a give-away for Tammi Sauer’s new book “Me Want Pet!” The rules are simple –

Cave Boy sad. He want pet. You draw pet. Ooga. You send pet. Ms. Lazar pick pet. You win book!

I draw Cave Boy and pet. Send to Ms. Lazar. Here picture –

Little Sister draw pet too. Look her blog HERE .

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  1. Erik, love this quote and thanks for pointing out Tara’s contest to me.

  2. Love the quote. Is Darth Vader your pet? I hope you’ll make him mind. I’ll have to stop by to see your sister’s pet too.

  3. Hope you win, Eric (or your sister as long as she shares).

  4. Excellent quote! Love your drawing – hope you win 🙂 I’ll have to hop over and see Josie’s!

  5. This is another of my favorite book related quotes. And as far as I’m concerned, anything that has Darth Vader in it automatically wins. 😉

  6. I love this quote! It sure should be a crime to not read books. 🙂 Creative drawing too!

  7. Me love pet!

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