Book Review, Bad Kitty for President – by Nick Bruel

Forget about books today…It’s time to talk POLITICS!

I am guessing you all are wondering who Erik, This Kid Reviews Books will be voting for. Never mind that I am too young to vote! I am here to throw my support behind BAD KITTY FOR PRESIDENT (of the neighborhood cat club)!!!!

Bad Kitty for President

By Nick Bruel

 144 pages – ages 7+

Published by Roaring Brook Press on January 17, 2012

Bad Kitty is running against Big Kitty for President  of the Neighborhood Cat Club and I am here to tell you that Bad Kitty loves babies, is nice to neighbors and gives out free fish and hugs. I also want you to know that I learned from this book that Big Kitty “is really a dog and dogs smell like moldy corn chips and only a weirdo would vote for corn chips.” You can follow the whole hysterical political campaign in the book. In the surprise ending, one cat wins by a whisker!

I am a big fan of the Bad Kitty Series! In fact I had a whole Bad Kitty creative writing contest a little while ago. I also went to a book signing a while ago and met Mr. Bruel (you can read about it HERE). I really like Mr. Bruel’s writing style because he always has a great message inside a super-funny story. I really like how he also uses illustrations to help tell the story. I think “Bad Kitty for President” is a great book especially for this year seeing as how the USA presidential election is this year. Uncle Murray (my favorite character from the Bad Kitty series) has little parts in the book too. He is “helping” Bad Kitty, but he explains to us what all the different parts of an election are. He explains things like primaries, fund-raising, Caucasus and registering to vote. There is also a glossary in the back of the book that has all sorts of election terms and their definitions. I think this book is a great way for parents and teachers to help explain to kids how elections work in a very funny way!

FIVE out of FIVE bookworms for “Bad Kitty for President”

To learn more about Bad Kitty, please visit her website HERE. There is also activities to help kids learn about elections on the Bad Kitty website.To learn more about Mr. Bruel, please visit his website HERE.

ALSO check out this awesome book trailer!!

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  1. I have only ever read the Bad Kitty picture book (the one with the bite out of it :)) I will have to try one of the chapter books – they sound fun!

  2. I have heard so much about these Bad Kitty books. I will have to check this out.

  3. I haven’t read this book but, based on what you have said about it, I agree it is a great way for children to learn about the election process. Good review!

  4. I love Bad Kitty! I must read this book. Thanks for alerting me to it, Erik.

  5. Erik, I too love the Bad Kitty series and was just rereading the first two yesterday. I so want to read this one now. What a great way, as you say, to introduce the election concept to kids.

  6. Erik, I’m not familiar with the Bad Kitty series. They sound very funny. It is a great idea to use a book like this to teach kids about the election process — very timely. Your review is very thoughtful and fun!

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