I have the Luck of The Irish!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

**note I thought I had the luck of the Irish but something went weird with this post. I think I accidentally published it yesterday and today so sorry if you got multiple emails and/or links that went nowhere**

Today I have the luck of the Irish! Darlene Foster Tagged me, Lynn Davidson told me I am her

Sunshine and Vivian Kirkfield said I am Kreativ and Sun Shiny!!

First I have to say sorry to Ms. Foster and Ms. Davidson for taking so long to get this posted (it took me a while to write answers to the questions and write the post – we have had PSSAs (standardized testing) at school).

Here are the questions for the Sunshine Award…But first ladies and gentlemen – Stevie Wonder! *applause* (and yes I really like Stevie Wonder).

“You are the sunshine of my life,

 That’s why I’ll always be around.

You are the apple of my eye,

Forever you’ll stay in my heart” 


1. Favorite color: Black

2. Favorite animal: Chameleon

3. Favorite number: 9, and any number with all nines – 99, 999, 9999, 99999 – you get the idea 😉

4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Chocolate milk

5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? twitter

6. My passion: I want to make the world a better place

7. Prefer getting or giving presents: I really like to see people happy when I give them something they like…but I’m a kid too, so I also like to get presents (just being honest 🙂  )

8. Favorite pattern: ROYGBIV

9. Favorite day of the week: Saturday –NO SCHOOL + NO HOMEWORK = FUN DAY

10. Favorite flower: Daffodils and poppies (I couldn’t choose)

Here are the questions for being “Tagged”

1. Do you use a bookmark or will any old bit of paper do? I literally use anything for a bookmark but I also have some very cool bookmarks.

2. What new books are you most excited to read this year? The new 39 Clues books, Seeds of Rebellion by Brandon Mull, Eruption by Roland Smith

3. Favorite season? Summer – NO SCHOOL

4. If money were not an issue, what present would you give yourself? I’d buy Lego Land (the one in Denmark)

5. Do you buy second-hand books, new books or both? Both. Sometimes you can find cool things in used books. I bought a used book once from a bookstore and found a name of one of my classmates in it, so she used to own it!

6. Early bird or night owl? Early bird.

7. Do you like to read a specific genre? If so, what genre is it? I read EVERYTHING but my most favorite is fantasy/adventure.

8. Who is your favorite literary character of all time? This may sound funny but my favorite character of all time is Egan from Natalie Babbitt’s Kneeknock Rise. So, what is funny is that it really isn’t one of my favorite books, but I really liked the character…strange, I know.

9. Physical books, E-books or audio books? Physical books. I like to hold them and feel the pages.

10. If your life was made into a movie, who would you like to play you? A cross between Justin Bieber and Spongebob.

11. Cat person or dog person? Dog (but I like cats too).

Please visit Lynn Davidson’s blog Polilla Writes HERE. Ms. Davidson always has great book reviews and she always asks great questions!

Please visit Darlene Fosters, author of the great adventure Amanda books, website HERE and her blog HERE. I also reviewed “Amanda in Arabia: The Perfume Flask” – you can see that HERE.

Please visit Vivian Kirkfield’s blog – Positive Parental Participation (what a great name AND a great blog)  HERE!

Now I know I’m supposed to pass the award on but I’m going to tell all of you to please visit all the awesome blogs on my side bar under “places I like to visit” because they all deserve these awards!!

AND I am going to ask you some questions related to these awards –

1. What’s your favorite sunshine song?

2. What’s the coolest thing you ever found in a used book?

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  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Erik and congrats on your awards. Have a super weekend!

  2. Cool Erik! I enjoyed reading all your responses. (That was a lot of work answering all those.)

    To answer YOUR questions, all I’ve ever found in a used book was a grocery list and a broken bookmark. But I do have a favorite sunshine song (You are my Sunshine) that I used to sing to my dog, Murphy, only I’d put Murphy’s name in it instead of sunshine. Silly, I know. I make up silly songs about my kids too. They hate it. At least they say they do, but they’ve started doing the same thing. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on your awards, Erik! You definitely have the Luck of the Irish — great to learn all those different things about you!

    My favorite song about sunshine is John Denver’s “Sunshine on my Shoulders” — it makes me happy! 🙂 The coolest thing I’ve found in a used book was a photograph of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (not the current Queen of England, her mother) when they were on their visit to Canada in 1939. I found it MANY years after the photo had been taken. I still have that photo.

  4. I’m also partial to John Denver’s sunshine song.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Erik! I loved learning more about you in all those answers. Especially that you would buy Lego Land in Denmark if money was not an issue.

    Oh, and a cross between Justin Bieber and Spongebob made me laugh.

  5. Hi Erik!
    Happy St. Patty’s Day to you!

    Favorite sun song would have to be: Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles. Written by George Harrison. He also sang the lead on it. The initial guitar intro on that one really gets me every time.

    Coolest thing found in an old book? Hmmm…I found some genealogy paperwork of my Grandfather’s in his old bible. It wasn’t really of any use, but the initial feeling of finding it was pretty cool.

    Have a great day!

  6. Thanks for mentioning me Erik and for answering the questions (i know it takes time) Now we know more about you! There are so many great sunshine songs. I always loved Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows by Leslie Gore and more recently Soak up the Sun by Cheryl Crow has been my theme song. Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves is also a great feel good song. I haven’t found anything interesting in a used book yet but I am still looking.

    • Keep looking! I know you’ll find a treasure in a used book soon Ms. Foster! I really want people to learn about you and your books so maybe they’d Google your name or check out your blog, etc… I like the song Walking on Sunshine, but haven’t heard of Sunshine Lollipops or Soak up the Sun. I’ll check out the songs!

  7. Hope you had a great St. Paddy’s Day! I really enjoyed reading your answers. When I did, I thought, why didn’t I think of chocolate milk and ROYGBIV? They would have been perfect for mine too 🙂 I’m also a use-anything-for-a-bookmark person and prefer real books I can hold in my hands to ebooks, although due to lack of space in my house I’m getting used to my kindle reluctantly 🙂

    • Thanks Ms. Hill! I love chocolate milk! I had some with dinner tonight! I have a kindle and it is pretty easy to use especially wen we go to visit my grandparents. I can carry a bunch of books in a small size! I really rather have real books though!

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