Quote of the week by Mark Twain – Your Opinion Counts and Goodreads Group!

Today’s quote was sent to me by Jo Marshall, author of the Twig Stories. Please check out her Goodreads author profile  HERE and her website HERE. I am actually reading the first book in the Twig Stories right now (and think it is really good – check back for my review)! I think this quote is a really great one!

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Mark Twain

If you have a great quote about books or reading for my quote of the week please email it to me at Erik@thiskidreviewsbooks.com !


Your opinion counts! Mr. Behera said he liked all the feedback about his book “Vikram and the Enchanted Seals” and said that other people thought the other cover was a little scary too. SO I am presenting to you the AWESOME re-designed cover of Vikram and the Enchanted Seals!


Finally, I want to tell you about the Goodreads group I belong to. It’s called Parents of Tweens (9-12) – you can find it HERE. I guess it is a bit weird I belong to that group because I’m not a parent, but I am a tween! It is a great group! Timothy Davis author of the exciting kids adventure series The Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe (see my review of book 1 “Sea Cutter” HERE). Please check out the group and join in on some of the book discussions we are having!

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  1. Erik, what a great quote for us who write! I am sooo looking forward to your review of the first in the Twig Series! And how cool that MR. Behera responded to the feedback about Vikram’s cover! I am glad you are getting involved in Goodreads. It’s a super group!

  2. Love the cover. Way better! And that quote is dead on.

    I’ve been a rather silent member of that tween group. Once this crazy push to finish this manuscript is done, I plan to catch up on a lot of things like that!

  3. Oh my, the cover is so much better. I was guilty of judge a book by its cover. But, after reading your review, I saw that it was good. Am glad it has a new look.

    First I’ve heard of the Goodreads Tween group — good place to get MG book ideas. Glad you’re involved. I love Goodreads.

  4. Thanks for referring folks to the Goodreads group, Erik! You’re a real asset to the group. Great quote! And thanks for mentioning my books. 😀

  5. Great quote, Erik! And what a great example of the power of our voices to bring change. Well done!

  6. Thank you for letting me know about the group. I will check it out. I am a grandparent of a tween, hope that counts!

  7. Hey, Erik, I was trying to find the post where you explained your hamburger review process but I’m not having any luck. I was telling a friend about it and I want to send her the link to the post. If you happen to remember which one it is, can you let me know? Thanks ~ Cindy

  8. Great quote! Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect word. It’s great that you’re in a book group to help parents and kids find books to read!

  9. Great quote. Definitely like the new Vikram cover (the first had it’s merits though); also intrigued by the Leaf cover!

    • I actually liked he first cover. I like comic books and it reminded me of one, but my mom said she would not have bought it for me in the store because of the cover. I think the new cover is nice too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Please come again!! 🙂

      • I thought the same thing your mom did, as fa as buying it for a younger friend, but it had something that reminded me of movie posters from the 1960’s that I thought was really cool.

  10. Hello, Erik!

    I’m sorry to be late replying, but I just ran across your post right now. I love this wonderful quote by Mark Twain. Thanks for posting it. He always had so much to say! And also, thanks for the nice compliments for ‘Leaf & the Rushing Waters.’ I’m so glad you are enjoying it, and am looking forward to your review. I’ll definately check out the Goodreads group you recommended. Sounds excellent. Aren’t those groups so much fun? I love mine, too, and they keep me reading good books all the time. Thanks, again, Erik! Hoping your spring is fun!

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