Creative Kids – Abby is an Artist!

My classmate, Abigail, gave me these AWESOME drawings of dragons she made! I asked her if it was OK to post them on my blog! She said it was OK! 🙂 You may remember Abby as the winner of my Bad Kitty Creative Writing contest! I hope you like the dragons as much as I do!

If anyone is or knows a “creative kid”, please send in the drawings, poems, stories, guest book reviews, photography – anything, I’ll post it here.  You can contact/email me at !

Wish Abby and me luck! We’re on our school’s Reading Olympic Team! Our school is competing against other school’s teams today! Wish us luck in the tournament! 🙂

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  1. Good luck today Eric and Abby.

    Great dragon pictures!

    Diane Robinson

  2. Wishing your team great success today! And Abigail’s drawings are great!

  3. Good luck you guys!

    Abby is a talented dragon artist. I especially like the diagram!

  4. Looks like Abby has the makings of an illustrator!

    I have no doubt your team will win the Reading Olympics!!!

  5. That was me, Tara Lazar!

  6. Got my fingers crossed for Erik and Abby (whose drawings and color choices are awesome!), and I’ll press my thumbs, which is what a German would do to wish you luck!

  7. Gorgeous, Abby! Good luck, readers!

  8. What a great outlet for creative kids.

  9. Love the artwork. Good luck on the reading team.

  10. Fantastic, Abby! i wish I could draw! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Erik!

  11. I love dragons a lot, and Abby’s drawings are great! Glad to see a Creative Kids post today. (Especially since I’m working on a picture book manuscript about a dragon today! Perfect timing!)

    Good luck to both of you in the Reading Olympics!

  12. Cool drawings! I wonder if Abby has ever read the Dragonriders of Pern book series? Her drawings remind of that.

    Good luck in the Reading Olympics!

  13. Please tell Abby that I love her dragons! I especially like the blue one. 🙂

  14. Abby forgot to tell me her drawings were on your site, thank you for sharing! We love to check your site and I have shared it with many parents and kids alike who have found great information here.

    • Thank you Mrs. Foreman! I was happy that Abby gave me them to post. She is really a great artist! I am glad you likee my blog 🙂 If Abby ever has anything else she wants me to post I am happy to!

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