12×12 Update – I’ve Failed… Wait, Maybe I Didn’t!

For those of you who don’t know, I am trying to do Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Challenge. It is a challenge to write 12 picture book drafts in 12 months in 2012.  You can click on the 12×12 banner on the right side bar or the one above to learn more about it. I am trying to at least write two picture books over the year and last month I set my goal for this month at writing 5 pages about my story idea of a boy named Louie who lives in a magical bookstore. Here’s how I did….


I failed.

With everything I had going on in March (school projects, Tae-Kwon Do, PSSAs, Reading Olympics, blog, etc…) , I didn’t have time to work on the book. 🙁

 BUT my Mom pointed out that one of my school projects was to write a picture book. We had to write a non-fiction ABC book about a topic we choose. I chose my topic about Abraham Lincoln. So, I actually wrote a 27-page picture book (26 letters, one cover page) in March! Here are two pages from my book (‘X’ and ‘W’) –

 I hope this counts….what do you think?

How are you doing in 12×12?

Note – Thank you Lynn Davidson for pointing out a typo on my ‘W’ page! **blushing** 


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  1. I think that totally counts. (Thanks Mom for pointing that out to Erik). I wanted to finish my #12x manuscript by the 12th of each month. It has only happened one of the three months. Plans change. You still have your other idea and April is just around the corner. You are one busy kid Erik!

  2. That is a brilliant non-fiction idea Erik. Your details are concise and interesting and the graphics look really cool. I’d like to try doing a non-fiction one at some point. Good luck juggling it all.

  3. Are you kidding? You were DEFINITELY successful! You wrote a whole picture book! Well done 🙂

  4. Erik, this is totally acceptable and very well done. Good for you!

  5. I say it totally counts. As soon as I got feedback on my February draft, I knew it wouldn’t cut it as a book, so I sent it out as a story. But when I wrote it, I had the intention of writing a picture book. Your ABC book (nonfiction – yay!) should definitely count. Even though you didn’t intend it as a picture book, it would make a perfect one with some editing. I wrote an opposites book for January.

  6. DEFINITELY COUNTS! I am also a fan of Lincoln – especially cool-fact trivia!
    Think about what Winston Churchill once said (he had some GREAT one-liners!):
    Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
    He certainly did! Hope to see your other story…when it’s finished, not rushed!

  7. Yes it definitely works!

  8. This definitely counts for 12×12. Love the cool facts about Lincoln — I learned a few things reading your two pages.

  9. Sometimes life gets in the way of the goals we set for ourselves. Sometimes WE get in the way of the goals we set for ourselves. You accomplished a lot of great stuff this month even if you didn’t get everything done that you wanted to do.

    I really love the Lincoln ABC book. Well, the two letters you shared with us anyway. I’m sure the rest of the book was just as interesting. I love the little facts that you included. Have you thought about publishing it? After all, who better to write books for kids than a kid? 😉

    • Thanks for all the nice things you said! It is good to look at all I have done not what I haven’t gotten done.
      I’m glad you like the pages I posted. I never really thought about is as a real book, just a school assignment…I could edit it some…**thinking**

  10. Yes it counts! I had a bad month in March too. All of my attention was on finishing my term so creativity was not around much. Luckily, I finished the ending to the story I had been pondering all month. Let’s hope that next month we’ll both have more time to work on 12×12 😀 Happy April!

  11. This is fantastic, Erik! I definitely think it counts, and wow, those two pages you shared are packed with information — I learned things this morning! Thank you!

  12. This is a great picture book Erik. I would love to see the complete book. Hope you get good marks for it. (and yes, it certainly counts!)

  13. Those two pages are terrific! I would love to read the entire book. Hey, you want a review?

    Definitely, Erik, that one counts big time. You not only wrote a picture book, you went beyond the draft and made a finished product. I’d say you did well and it most certainly counts towards your 12x12in12.

    Now, about that review . . .

    • Thanks Ms. Morris! I still have to make a tri-fold presentation board to go along with the book for school. My teacher is actually getting the books bound for us and then we have a night where we present our projects. I still have A LOT of work to do!!

      I’m glad it counts! And you are on the top of my reviewer list! 😉

  14. I think that counts. Liked what you wrote about Lincoln! Congratulations!

  15. Glad I could be of help, Erik. 🙂
    I should have mentioned that I also really like that you have included sign language in your book. Such a great idea! What a wonderful teaching book you have created. It will be great as a published book, as was mentioned in an earlier comment.

  16. wow! very cool you managed to do all that for the 12x12x12 picture book challenge…. see it counts! …lol. Good for you! (Thanks Mum)

  17. Thanks for sharing the two pages, which were totally awesome! You definitely did not fail…Honest Abe :•) (Do kids still use that saying?)

  18. Not only does it count, but it looks like you did an excellent job.

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