Leaf and The Rushing Waters by Jo Marshall

Leaf and The Rushing Waters

By Jo Marshall

Illustrated by D.W. Murray

370 pages – ages 9+

Published by CreateSpace on November 17, 2011

*Taken from the Twig stories website – “Twigs are impish stick creatures – not much taller than robins. Tiny leaves sprout from their arms and legs, and their toes are very curly like roots. Their long, leafy hair can be many different colors – emerald, bronze, flaming red, and gold, for example. Twigs live in all sorts of trees, but the knotholes of enormous ancient cedars, big leaf maple, silver-leafed poplar, and whitebark pine are their favorite havens.”

Leaf is a Twig. He was knocked from his home in “Old Seeder” when a huge flood came and rattled his tree home. Leaf fell into the rushing waters but managed to get onto dry land. Leaf’s family was still trapped in the tree due to the flood. Leaf’s father yells to him to find Rustle, another Twig and friend of the family, for help. Leaf and Rustle figure out that they need to go to the Chompers (beavers) and convince them to build a dam to stop the water, but they refuse. Leaf is now desperate to find help. With the help of some friendly chipmunks, Leaf, Rustle and their new friend Feather (another Twig) decide to save the Old Seeder and Leaf’s parents, but it isn’t so easy. Rattlesnakes , owls, and hornets are out to attack and EAT them!

This story had me hooked from the very beginning because of the action and excitement (lets just say there was a squirrel attack). The creatures Ms. Marshall made up (the Twigs) are interesting. They aren’t fairies (they don’t have magic),they are made of wood, kind of human like (but small) and they care about the environment. I like how Ms. Marshall told the story from different points of views from different characters. The characters were all very likeable. My favorite was Rustle because he was pretty adventurous and had a lot of knowledge about the forest (and he was just cool 😉 ). There were some nice illustrations in the book too. The story is super clean (no bad language and only scary-ish situations). It is a great choice for young advanced readers and middle grade kids. I think parents and kids will like the message of appreciating the environment too.

Five out of five book worms for “Leaf and the Rushing Waters!”

“Twig Stories royalties are shared with nonprofit groups concerned with wildlife protection, climate change research, nature conservancy, and forest preservation.”

Ms. Marshall also asked that I donate her books to a children’s library after I am done reading them. I chose to donate the books to the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy because they lost their ENTIRE children’s library when hurricane Irene hit our area!

 “Leaf and The Rushing Waters” is part of the Twig series of books. To learn more about Ms. Marshall and the Twig Stories, please visit the Twig Stories website HERE.

I also have book 2 “Leaf and the Sky of Fire” on my TBR list!

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  1. Erik, I am so glad you gave this one a 5/5. Isn’t it cool that royalties from these books are shared with conservation non-profits? And how typical of Jo Marshall that she asked you to donate your copies to a library, and I love your choice of Perkiomen Watrshed Conservancy.

  2. Hi Erik, the book cover caught my eye. It does sound like an action-packed book and filled with illustrations too. I love your rating scheme, book worms, ey? How apt. Will check whether we have this in our library. 🙂

  3. Erik, I donate all my books to my local library. I like the fact that you now did the same. Once we’ve read it, then what? I guess you have a little sister that could read it. In my house it would be my cats, Theodore and Baby Girl. Neither one reads yet, but Theo does walk on a leash.

    That was a great choice of library. You seem to be very environmentally conscious, and I think that is great. The world needs people like you.

  4. Sounds like an adventurous and action-packed story. Kids should love this. Like that it has illustrations too. So lovely the author commented on where you donated her book — how cool is that! I think your library choice was excellent too! You are always so thoughtful.

  5. Dear Erik,

    I am so happy you enjoyed the story! Thank you for your generous review, and all the great things you said about it. I know my daughter (Ali Jo – 12 years old) and David (the illustrator) are going to be so excited to read your review, too, because they know what a popular celebrity you are in the book world. Your opinion means a great deal to us!

    Thank you, too, ‘Fans of Erik’ for the fantastic and encouraging comments on this blog. I’m so excited about all of this, I can’t wait to share it with my family and friends!

    I’m very please the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy will have Twig Stories. I checked out their excellent conservation and youth programs, and was really impressed. Your choice speaks so well of your involvement and concern for our environment.

    Thanks, again, and best wishes to you and your family!

    Jo, Ali and David

    • Dear Ms. Marshall, Ali, and Mr. Murray,

      I’m really glad that you liked my review! Thank you!

      I, too, am glad that the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy will b e getting Twig Stories. 🙂

      Thanks again,

  6. I like the names Leaf and Rustle for twigs 🙂 The illustrations sound very interesting.

  7. This sounds like a great read, and I’m so glad you found a good home for them.

  8. I missed reading this when it was posted, but now that your review of the second book is up I came here to check this one out. This looks like such a great book, exciting, interesting and educational all at the same time.
    Great review, Eric, and lovely the conservancy is the recipient of the Twig books when you are done with them.

    • Thanks for your great comment, Lynn. It’s wonderful to hear your reaction, and so encouraging. I’m really pleased the conservancy library has the books, too. What a thrill to know such an awesome youth group will be reading my stories! Thanks again, Erik!


    • Thank you Ms. Davidson! It is great! I was happy to donate my books to the conservancy!


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