The Serpent in the Glass by D.M. Andrews

The Serpent in the Glass

By D.M. Andrews

223 pages – ages 9+

Published by in 2012, 2nd edition

Thomas Farrell had a boring, dull, and close to horrible life. His adopted parents treated him poorly. He barely had anything to make him comfortable, He even had to sleep on a pet bed in a tiny room in the attic! The only person who shows him kindness is his sister (his parents biological daughter), Jessica. When Tomas gets an invitation to attend Darkledun Manor, a boarding school, his life totally changes. Thomas’ birth father arranged for Thomas to go to school at Darkledun and left him with a lot of money. Thomas offers to pay for Jessica to attend the school too. Thomas, Jessica and their new friends, Penders, Merideah and Treice find secrets in Darkledun that aren’t possible. The mysterious glass marble with a serpent trapped in it, Thomas’ father left him leads them to a gateway to another world!

When I first started reading this book, I couldn’t stop thinking it was trying to be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone without the magic wands. Many of the characters seemed to be the same, but I kept reading and I’m glad I did. I think if I didn’t read Harry Potter (I’ve only read the first Harry Potter book) I wouldn’t have had any problems with “The Serpent in the Glass”. Once I go into the book, the story changed to something new and different and got very exciting and it was very different from Harry Potter. The alternate world Mr. Andrews created was unique and fun. I really liked the character Penders because he added a little humor to the story and he is always hungry (like me 😉 ). The book had some mild violence but I think would be good for kids 8+.  I am giving “The Serpent in the Glass” four out of five book worms because I liked the story enough to want to read a sequel when it comes out.

To learn more about Mr. Andrews and his books, please visit his website by clicking HERE.

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  1. And I was thinking Dickens’s “Great Expectations” as I just saw it on Masterpiece Classic.

  2. I have to admit, as I was reading your synopsis of the book I was thinking, didn’t JK Rowling already write this book? But, after reading your review I think I might just have to check it out. I’m always in search of a new world to visit. 🙂

  3. I had the same Harry Potter thoughts. The lousy adoptive family, the small room, the boarding school, the parents who left money. Glad it took a different direction!

  4. I have purposely avoided the Harry Potter books and movies, but this book may be of interest to me. You have made it sound worth looking into, Erik. 🙂

  5. I’d love for you to review my first childrens book! It’s called “The Teasing Chair”…here is the link :
    If you are interested shoot me your email and I can get you the link/index file to pull it up in your browser!

  6. Hi Erik, that was exactly what I thought when I read your first few lines – that it seems to be a rehash of a story that’s already been told (Harry Potter, etc), thank you for a candid review of this book. It’s good that you decided to stay on with it regardless. 🙂

  7. I think that the movies aren’t that dark, especially if you have read the books, but it depends on your age. This reminded me of HP because (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Harry released the snake out of the zoo, and, Salazar Slytherin!!! I’ll check this book out, thanks for the review!!!

    • A big ‘thank you’ to Erik for reading and reviewing my book, “The Serpent in the Glass”. I started writing the book many years ago, even before the first Harry Potter was published, and my main inspiration was in fact Alan Garner’s “The Moon of Gomrath” and Kenneth C. Flint’s retelling of the story of Lugh of the Long Arm (from the Irish mythos).

      The Harry Potter books, which I did not start reading until about 5 years later, influenced the style of my writing in the revisions of Serpent, but not the content. I’m happy that those who’ve read the whole book have enjoyed it. Any questions, then please let me know 😉

      • Thank YOU Mr. Andrews! I haven’t read The Moon of Gomrath, I’ll have to check it out! I think if people read through your book they will se it is very different. I really enjoyed the book!

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