Creative Kids! Kara writes a Bullying Story you have to read!

Kara (11 years old) sent me this really terrific story she wrote about bullying. Her story is called “Stand Up!” After I read her story I thought it had a really great message and I asked Kara if I could post it. Kara said she would like that “because then kids can see the effect of bullying, and how to stop it.” Kara also said, “I wrote the story for fun, and also to understand bullying more, because I feel like I understand it when I write it.”

Here is a part of “Stand Up”-

“Hey!” Lola yelled from across the gym.

“Hey.” I half-heartedly replied.

She walked over as I was just tapping on the bench.

“C’mon, we’re playing dodgeball. I’m the captain!”

We were outside, free gym.

“Nah thanks.”

She sat down on the bench I was sitting on. She looked at me with a concerned and worried look.

“Why are you so sad?”

It wasn’t the first time she could practically read my mind. Every time I showed my emotions a tiny bit, one small look of despair, she could read my face.

“I… I can’t explain. I don’t know where to start.”

“Well… how about when I can understand it?”

I sat down. I was about to answer, when I burst into tears. They rolled down my cheek and splashed on my lap.

“Oh, Lola!” I exclaimed between sobs. Lola was sympathetic. She hugged me and helped me calm down.

“Okay. Now, start from the beginning.” Her voice was soft and smooth, and especially calming.

“Okay. It started about a month ago.” How could I forget that day?

You can download the whole story by clicking Stand Up!

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  1. Wow, Erik, thanks so much for posting this, it actually had me in tears. Kara has written a strong, authentic, encouraging story about bullying and standing up to the bullies. Please thank her for such a powerful story and I hope many kids get to read this important message!

  2. Ditto Joanna! How great that Kara is doing what she can to help kids understand about bullying. If people keep trying, maybe some day it won’t be a problem.

  3. Sounds like a good story Erik. Well done to Kara.
    I have no time for bullies.

  4. Oh, Kara, why didn’t I think of this!? 🙂 Great idea bringing this one to readers, Erik. I loved Kara’s story! It was really powerful.

  5. Erik, you are such an inspiration for young writers. I love that you are already discovering new writers.

  6. Thanks, Erik, for bringing this story to my attention. Kara does a wonderful job driving home an important message. Thanks again.

  7. Kara, I read the entire story — it was that good. Wished I thought of a story like that. It is so authentic. Very powerful. I hope you do something with it. Very inspiring.

  8. Thank you Erik, for posting this. Thanks also to Kara for writing it. It is so important to keep giving the message over and over that bullying must stop.

  9. Kara, I also read your entire story. Your writing is beautiful, strong, and compelling. Keep it up and thank you for your empowering message!

  10. kara sounds wise beyond her years writing like this, it is beautifully written.

  11. Thank you to everyone! I am smiling so much at your positive comments. I’m going to try to stop bullying as much as I can, and I hope this story inspired you to do that too!

  12. Powerful story Kara. Thanks for sharing it Erik.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful story Erik. This story is amazing and important. Congratulations Kara for sharing this story.

  14. What a powerful story Kara wrote. Very moving. Sorry I thought I had commented earlier Erik. I had seen this and read her story, but it was lovely to read it again. She is very good.

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