Instant Preplay by Karl Fields

Instant Preplay

by Karl Fields

Published by Amazon Digital services

172 pages (ebook reviewed) – ages 9+

What would you do if you could watch a show on TV a day before it actually went on TV? What would you do if you could watch the news a day before it happens? Logan’s TV recorder does just that.

Logan had to move to a new school even though he really didn’t want to. He hated being the “new kid”.  When Logan discovers his TV recorder’s “power” he becomes popular because he can predict all sorts of things like sports and weather. But Logan soon realizes that he can start watching the TV news channels and tries to stop the bad things that are reported from ever happening. For example, he stopped a 3-year old from falling off a balcony and being killed. Logan finds that he is watching the news more and more, trying to stop bad things from happening.  But when Logan sees that his friend may die, can he save her in time?

I thought this book was good. Logan was a great main character and I liked Patrick a lot. There was a lot of excitement in the story that kept it moving. The book had a very interesting idea for a plot, but I wish Mr. Fields would have explained Logan’s thoughts about the recorder and why he kept using it a little more. Even though I thought the plot could have been explained a bit better, the story kept me reading and wanting to find out what happens to Logan.

I’d recommend the book to kids 9+ (there is some mild rude language but no cursing and no graphic violence).

I give three out of five bookworms to “Instant Preplay”.

You can read an excerpt from “Instant Preplay” HERE.

To learn more about Mr. Fields and his other books, please visit his website HERE.  

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  1. Interesting premise. It reminds me of the old newspaper show where the kid got the paper the day before and did the same superhero thing.

  2. Sounds like an interesting storyline that would appeal to a number of couch-potato-kids. Combine that with superhero powers and you got yourself a book. Thanks for reviewing this Erik. 🙂

  3. What a interesting premise. Thanks for the introduction, Erik.

  4. This sounds interesting (as everyone else has said), thanks for the review. I’ll consider getting this book in the future.

  5. this book sounds really cool! I’m going to have to check it out!

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