Book Review – Imagine Travelling To The Most Mysterious & Unusual Places!

Imagine Travelling To The Most Mysterious & Unusual Places!

By Praveeta

Illustrated by Ash

146 pages – ages 8+

Published by Travel Tales of Elves on November 11, 2011

Have you ever day-dreamed? Thought you were a superhero or a pirate on an adventure? What if your day-dreams turned out to be true? Wakey is a day-dreaming elf and was constantly being made fun of because he was always day-dreaming. When Wakey and his elf friends get taken to one of the kingdoms Wakey day-dreamed about, he and his friends realize that Wakey’s day-dreams were real!  Because Wakey has dreamed this place before, he knew exactly where they were, but he had no idea of how they were to get home! Wakey and his friends have to travel through all the kingdoms he has dreamed about. The kingdoms (having names like the Kingdom of Fitness, the Kingdom of Colours, the Kingdom of Learning and the Kingdom of Nature) really turn out to be the most mysterious and unusual places (to the four elves)!

I thought this book was great! I really liked learning about the different kingdoms the elves went through and learning about the elves and other characters that lived there and how they live. It is a good way for kids to learn something about the “subject” of each kingdom (for example colors or nature). I don’t think that the story plot is that involved, but for kids, it’s a fun read!  There is a section of puzzles and activities related to the story at the back of the book and I think it was a nice addition. I think this book would be good for young advanced readers and older kids.

Five out of five bookworms for “Imagine Travelling To The Most Mysterious & Unusual Places!”

To learn more about the book and its author please visit Travel Tales of Elves by clicking HERE.

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  1. Seems like a great book! Need to make a trip to the bookstore soon!

  2. Wakey? Lol! Reminds me of the seven dwarves. 🙂 Great review, Erik.

  3. I like the concept of daydreams that turn out to be real!

  4. Wakey is hands-down the best character name I’ve seen this week.

  5. That sounds wonderful Erik. I’ve got a bit of a dream in my picture book, they are fun to write. TBR pile for sure!

  6. Nice review Erik!

  7. I was a daydreamer and this would have been a fun book for me as a child. Love fanatsy. Is it a chapter book, with age 6+, I would think that it would be a bit advanced with 146 pages, unless read with a parent. Darn, I want to know how they got home — my first thought was he daydreamed them back home.

    • You were? I love fantasy too! Oops! I mean “8+” I will fix it (I must’ve been daydreaming)! He daydreams a place and maybe a day or two later, they may go there, so I will tell you he doesn’t daydream about their home to get home. I won’t give away the ending! 😉

  8. Great review Erik! It’s really ironic that the character’s name is Wakey and he daydreams!!! Next thing on my To-Do list- Stop by Barnes and Noble the next time I get a chance!!!

  9. I love to daydream so perhaps I should read this book too!. Sounds great.

  10. I still daydream. This sounds like a fun read! Thanks for the review.

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