Creative Kids! Spencer Writes a 39 Clues Story!

Today I have another AWESOME Creative Kid to tell you about! – SPENCER!!!

Spencer (11 years old) sent me a 39 Clues story HE wrote and wanted to share it with everyone. BUT first check out what else Spencer did – he made this cool picture for me!

Spencer has tons of talent!

As I was saying, Spencer wrote a 39 Clues short story and I think that it is great he did! Whether you like the 39 Clues series or not (or maybe you never read it at all) I think this is a good example of how books and reading can get kids to want to write and make their own stories!

Here is a small part of Spencer’s story called –



Hamilton Holt was feeling like a CD spinning over and over again.

They were looking for a lost clue said to be previously kept by Katherine Cahill that everyone was too scared to look for. Why?

Because they were scared that they would fall into one of Nikola Tesla’s traps.

“Lets move it team!”said his father Eisenhower Holt.

“But were dizzy…”said his two twin sisters Madison and Reagan at the exact same time. Strange how they looked nothing like each other. Arnold,our Pitt Bull, was being carried by my mother,Marry-Todd. Maybe when we win this competition we could give some of the serum to Arnold. We have all been tired because our Dad got a really old map that was sold about hundreds of years ago.

“And…HERE!”shrieked his dad. Better start getting our shovels I thought. When we were done digging, we found a letter in a bottle.

We immediately knew it had to do with the clue when we saw the symbol:

It said,”

 Nikola TESLA,

SHall And May Exagerate, ON, Fascinating And Karelessnes Elk,

 Careless Lousy Utility Exit.

 Sincerely,Thomas Edison.


To read Spencer’s whole story please click HERE!

If you know of any other Creative Kids that want their artwork, stories or any other creative thing they do posted here, just let me know! You can email me at    

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  1. Awesome job, Spenser! I was one of those rare MG readers who didn’t love the 39 Clues, but I’m for any book that will get a kid’s imagination rocking like that! Thanks for the feature, Erik!

  2. Erik, I always appreciate that you introduce us to new voices. Spencer, what a gripping story! Your writing has a captivating style, and your dialog is realistic. Good luck!

  3. I am so impressed with Spencer’s artwork for you, Erik. He is not only an entertaining and fun mystery author but obviously very talented with graphic arts! Only 11, too. Amazing!

    I wish him the best of luck with all his endeavours. Thanks for letting us know about Spencer’s great stories.

  4. Hi, Spencer. I am so impressed with your artwork for Erik. Not only are you an entertaining and fun mystery writer, but obviously you have a lot of graphic arts talent. Did you know there was a famous movie called ’39 Steps’ and it was a spy mystery? So I really like your title for your ’39 Clues’ stories, plus you are a really good writer. Wishing you the best success with all your future endeavours – art and writing! Cheers!

  5. Boy, you run with a creative bunch, Erik! I love Spencer’s art, and what an intriguing story! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Fantastic job Spencer. I loved the story and I like the artwork you did for Erik! I’m amazed at the talent on your blog Erik. Remember I mentioned the FB Plum Tree Group starting a Youth-Tube for artistic kids 21 years and under. They are looking for kids to enter all forms of art, writing, photograph and so on. It is officially launched. Have asked how kids are to get involved. Will let you know. It is a great group that has membes worldwide.

    • I think it’s cool when kids send me things to post. I think Spencers story was great 🙂 I have another AWESOME story to post next week from a girl who was inspired by the Warrior series! I did look at On the Plumb Tree and subscribed to the blog. I saw they are accepting art from kids and they want self-portraits. My sister and I are planning to send something into it. I was thinking about mentioning the contest in my Sunday post and I told some kids at school about it. I was confused about if they want just things for their “self” project or do they want all kinds of art.

  7. That is super Spencer. I haven’t read 39 Clues but I don’t need to to know this is a great story. (we’re dizzy btw)

  8. Thanks to everyone who commented! And thanks Erik for posting it. For anyone who wants more stories like that, ill have a second, third, fourth, and a combo of the fifth and sixth. For those have read the 39 clues, the next one will be about sinead starling, Jonah wizard, Ian kabra and the last one a combo of a madrigal agent and his mission and secret files about Hope cahills encounter with the vespers. Then I will write a few more maybe about Luke, Katherine, Thomas, Jane, Madeleine, and a vespers first mission.

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