12×12 Update, April Reading Challenge, and Fake Mustache by Tom Angleberger

It’s the first day of May and I have a lot to tell you about! First I wanted to report on how this month’s 12×12 challenge went. For those of you who don’t know, I am trying to do Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Challenge. It is a challenge to write 12 picture book drafts in 12 months in 2012. You can click on the 12×12 banner on the right side bar or the one above to learn more about it. I set my goal to write two picture books over the year. Last month I reported that I did write an ABC book about Abraham Lincoln ONE WHOLE BOOK! It was for a school project but we decided it counted for 12×12 too. This month I set my goal to write 5 pages of my picture book about the boy who lives in a magical bookstore. I didn’t write 5 pages…I wrote the whole thing! I am pretty excited that I got the whole story out. I think I’d like to go back an edit it but I am going to try to start to write a new story this month. I am setting my goal to have an outline and 5 pages done for the month of May.

I am also happy to say I completed the April reading challenge I read about on Cindy Pierce’s A.K.A. Cookiejarprincess’ blog Bookworms Read More Books. Ms Pierce said she found the challenge on the  Crazy Challenge Connection message board on goodreads.com. I was too young to officially join the challenge but I kind of just did it along with Ms. Pierce 🙂 I am HAPPY to say I read all the books on my list! I finished the last book on Monday morning, just in time! I didn’t do a bonus book with April in the title or as the name of a character though.

If you did any April challenges or are doing 12×12 – how did you do?

Now for a review!

Fake Mustache: Or, How Jodie O’Rodeo and Her Wonder Horse (and Some Nerdy Kid) Saved the U.S. Presidential Election from a Mad Genius Criminal Mastermind

By Tom Angleberger

208 pages -ages 8+

Published by Amulet Books on April 1, 2012

What would you do if your best friend was a mastermind criminal trying to take over the country? Well that’s what is happening to 7th-grader Lenny  Flem Jr. Lenny’s friend, Casper puts on the perfect disguise – the Heidelberg Handlebar #7 mustache and starts a crime spree of robbing banks to get enough money to run for president. The fake mustache is not just any fake mustache, it has special powers that make people believe anything you want. Only Lenny sees through the very clever mustache disguise but Casper (now known as Fako Mustacho) makes everyone believe Lenny is the problem! Lenny teams up with Jodie O’Rodeo and together they try to stop Casper from taking over the country!

I actually laughed out loud at this book. Literally. I have to say Tom Angleberger is one of my most favorite authors, in fact his Origami Yoda book is one of the reasons I started my blog. I thought Fake Mustache was an excellent book. The story plot was hysterical, it was a clean read and Lenny was a very likeable character. This is definitely a good book for reluctant readers and boy readers (I think girls will also like it 😉 ).

Five out of Five bookworms for “Fake Mustache”!

To learn more about Mr. Angleberger and his books, please visit his STOOKY site HERE. Mr. Angleberger’s next book is called “The Secret Case of the Fortune Wookie” and it’s coming out in August 2012!

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  1. This looks really funny! (Jodie O’Rodeo, hah!)

  2. I’ve heard so many good things about “Fake Mustache.” I might have to get it for myself since it’s a bit beyond my boys. Congrats on your MS, Erik! That’s a big accomplishment. I finished my draft too and hope to revise it this week. I feel good about it, so I hope to send it out soon.

  3. Good job Erik. I finished my draft too, but didn’t sign into the challenge by the deadline at the end of the month. Oh well. Next month. 🙂

  4. Good luck wit Abe-B-C! (I am a Lincoln fan!) Congratulations on meeting the reading challenge. I liked the review too, and it has given me a wonderful idea: I will create a Heidelberg Handlebar #7 moustache…for my bicycle! I’ll send you some pictures when I have it twisted just right! Oh, and of course I’ll be reading the book too! Thanks Erik!

    • Thank you! HA HA! I would love to see the Heidelberg Handlebar #7 moustache on your bike! Just watch out that it doesn’t turn bad when you attach it (the mustache is VERY powerful MWAAA HA HA HAAAAAAaaa). I hope you like the book 😉

      • Thanks Erik! We have a local (GINORMOUS!) bike parade through town in September – I like to watch, but the mustache may pull me right in to the river of bikes!

  5. Congrats on finishing the April challenge! I finished it too, just barely by the skin of my teeth! 🙂

  6. Congrats Erik. I finished my April draft, attended a writer’s conference and survived the A to Z challenge. I’m ready to return to a normal writing schedule in May — I wrote my May 12x draft in a picture book writing challenge and will begin revisions on my manuscript this month. It’s a huge task, but I’m breaking it down into smaller stages. 🙂

  7. Wow! That is quite strong praise if Mr. Angelberger was partially responsible for you starting your blog! I love the title – just from that you can tell it will be fun!

  8. Wow! You had a great month! Congratulations. The book sounds great and I love funny books. I will have to keep that one on my list. I finished my 12 x 12 draft and the A to Z Poetry Challenge (thanks for reading my poems, Erik!). Let’s hope May is productive, too!

  9. Congratulations on completing the April reading challenge! How awesome, Erik. Fake Mustache also looks really nice. 🙂 I am amazed at how much you are accomplishing. Good work! 🙂

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