Dog Wants To Be Famous! by C. and M. Dixon

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Dog Wants To Be Famous

By C. and M. Dixon

 21 pages – ages 5+

Published by Jake Dog Stories on March 10, 2012

Dog is bored. He decides he wants to be famous so everyday will be exciting! But he doesn’t know what he wants to do. When he thinks up something to make him famous, Cat thinks the whole thing is a bad idea and keeps telling Dog why his ideas won’t work. Will Dog get his wish to be famous or will he be happy being the same old dog he is?

This book was okay. It had a very cute story, but not the best illustrations. The illustrations took a lot from the story, especially since it’s a picture book. The dog and cat characters were really great and it is a unique story plot. I thought the story was really funny it actually made me laugh out loud but for a picture book, it needs better illustrations.  It is available in ebook form. You can check out the book by clicking the cover of the book pictured above. 

I give “Dog Wants To Be Famous!” three out of five book worms.

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  1. Thanks, Erik, I appreciate your honest appraisal of this book and your correct emphasis on the importance of great illustrations in a picture book.

  2. I like the premise of the story – it sounds like it could be fun – but you are so right – in PBs, illustrations are so important and can really make or break the book. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Susanna Leonard Hill

  3. Doesn’t the dog look a bit like scooby do too. You want original looking characters. I agree with you Erik, but glad you liked the story.

  4. I like the plot, and the cover is cute. You’re a tough but honest critic, Erik! If the illustrations are weak it can be disappointing. The story sounded fun!

  5. Good call. The action between the cat and dog sounds really funny, though. It made me think of Harold and Chester from Bunnicula.

  6. Thank You for your insight!

  7. You certainly tell it like it is, Erik! Thanks for the honest review.

  8. Not an easy review to write when you need to say something negative. You did a good job by ending with a positive remark. If you end with a positive the negative is a little easier to take.

    If the writers takes your remarks to heart they will return with a much better second book. If not . . . you did your job, tough as it was. Good review.

    • Thanks Ms. Morris! It is hard to write a negative review. My job is tough alright – especially when writing negative things about a book *sigh* 🙁 I do like to say what is good about the books also – like in this one, the story was very good 🙂

  9. Hi Erik, I love how you emphasized both your perceived strengths and weaknesses of the book. One of the reasons why I fell in love with children’s lit in the first place is the amazing artwork in picture books. Without those, I agree that the story would lose a lot of its flair and panache. 🙂

  10. Thanks for giving your criticism. Illustrations are very important in children’s literature. They live to come alive through the artwork. Excellent review!

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