Elliot Stone and the Summer Vacation Sea Monster

Before I get to today’s review, I want to tell you that Beth Stilborn of the “By Word of Beth” blog asked my sister Josie and me to do an interview about being “Creative Kids”. Ms. Stilborn has a great blog that I learn a lot from. This month she is blogging about “different ways of seeing” and this week she is blogging about kids’ art. Please check it out HERE!

Now onto the review!

Elliot Stone and the Summer Vacation Sea Monster

By LP Chase
Illustrated by Carl DiRocco
165 pages – ages 8+
Published by Blue Marlin Publications; First edition (November 14, 2011)

Elliot Stone and his friends, Marly (female) and Jake (male), think they have a lake monster on their hands! A Lake monster is just what they need at Lake Bomoseen to give the boost that Marly’s Dad’s golf course needs to keep from going out of business! Elliot’s Dad is also at risk of losing his job because Marly’s Dad is his client. Jake was the first one to spot the lake monster (later named “Bo”) and at first no one believed him, but then Elliot saw the monster and hatches a plan to get “evidence” that the monster is real. The kids try to prove that Bo really exists so that tourists would come to Lake Bomoseen and then increase business at the golf course (and save Marly’s Dad’s and Elliot’s Dad’s jobs)! They think that if they have proof there is a monster in Lake Bomoseen, they can sell tourists all sorts of things like mugs, T-shirts, and post cards with a cartoon of Bo on it! Will they be able to get the proof and save their Dads from being jobless?

I first heard about this book on Sue Morris’ blog Kid-Lit reviews. When I read her review of the book I really thought I would like this book. Well, I really think this is a great book! I love the idea of Bo (I think cryptology is a cool subject so I am interested in Champ and the Loch Ness Monster)! The book was well written and very fun to read. The illustrations were really good too! They added a lot to the story, even though they were only at the beginning of each chapter. I really liked Elliot because he was a smart, cool, monster-researching kind of guy. Jake and Marly were good characters too. I liked how the kids were coming up with plans to help their parents. I think it’s appropriate for kids 8+ and young advanced readers.

I give Elliot Stone and the Summer Vacation Sea Monster five out of five book worms!

To learn more about Elliot Stone and the Summer Vacation Sea Monster please visit Blue Marlin Publications HERE.

You can learn more about the author at her website HERE!

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  1. Loved your interview on Beth’s blog. i too am into cryptology and have visited Loch Ness in the hope of spotting Nessie! I like the way there are some good illustrations for this MG novel, as I think there’s still room for good pictures at these grade levels. I think this is a mystery that I would enjoy, Erik.

  2. Loved your interview over at Beth’s, and how cool that you read a book set at Lake Bomoseen! I went to college up near there and now my daughter does, so I drive by it pretty regularly. Now I will think about Bo when I go by 🙂

  3. Erik, I just left you and Josie a comment on Beth’s blog. I really do love your reviews, because as a mom of two boys, I think it’s more challenging sometimes to find books for boys. You are my go-to source. Incidentally, we just read Mo Willems’s “Listen to My Trumpet,” and my 5 1/2-year old literally wet his pants. If you haven’t read it, you have to!

    • I will check your comment out! 🙂 I love Mr. Willems “Listen to My Trumpet becase 1) I love Mo Willems 2) I play the trumpet! 🙂 It is hard to find books for boys these days. *shakes head slowly with eyes shut* My little sister has and loves all of the Gerald and Piggie books!

  4. This sounds like a fun book. I have a thing for Scotland and the Loch Ness monster (and castles). I want to go there someday. I’d probably really like this one.

    Great interview over at Beth’s site!

  5. I can’t imagine there is actually a lake with such a funny sounding name. Or is Susanna pulling a leg or two here? In German one would say she’s taking us on her arm (but I like pulling the leg better!) If it were possible I would have written this in lemon juice seeing you like hidden secrets, but this link will have to make due: http://chemistry.about.com/cs/howtos/ht/invisibleink3.htm

  6. Wow! Great job, once again. You are on a roll.

    I looked it up, Lake Bomoseen, because it sounded so real. I was so surprised to find it a real place too. I’d like to go there sometime, just because of Elliot Stone. I’d need to read the book again to find out what the monster liked to eat. It would be so rude to go up to the lake and not have something for Bo.

    I love your interview. You and Josie did a great job. Your parents must be terrific people (and parents) to have two wonderful and creative kids like you and your sister. I like Josie’s website, too. I would love to see your stop motion film. I love stop motion movies like Gromet and ?(I can’t remember, but it’s cool movie). It must be tedious to do. Good luck on that.

    • Thank you Ms. Morris!
      Aha! So it is real! I don’t remember what he eats. Used golf balls?
      Thank you! I think my parents are awesome people and parents too! Josie does have a great website! Thank you! I really like Wallace and Gromet! I’m not sure what tedious means, but it takes a long time to make the “movies” and they are hard to do. I’m having fun doing them though! 😀

      • Wallace and Gromet! How could I forget, they are my favorite. I will stop anything I am doing to watch them. (Sad Really.)

        You got the right definition of Tedious. It is something that can get boring from repetition, gets to be sort of a pain to keep doing.

        Anyway, I would love to see the film when it is done.

      • Thanks! I learned a new word! I’ll post it when I get it done 🙂

  7. First of all, thanks to you and Josie for the great interview — I’m so happy to count you two as Wednesday Worthies! And the comments people are leaving are super-fantabulous!

    Now the book: how cool is that? I need to read this one. There’s a lake in British Columbia, Canada, called Okanagan Lake, and it is supposed to have a lake monster as well, Ogopogo. I lived there for two months, but didn’t see the monster — I still believe he’s there, though!

    • You’re welcome and thank you! I’m so happy to be counted as a Wednesday Worthy/ies! I did check out the comments. They are superly super, awesomely awesome, and terrificly terrific comments!
      I believe I have heard of Ogopogo (what a cool name) in one of the Boxcar Children books. I think.

  8. Great interview, Erik! You are such a positive and motivated person. You’re really a good role model for other kids. I have shared your blog with several of my friends who have children.

  9. Wha a great adventure for kids — I would have loved to pursue a mystery like this as a child. Enjoyed your review a lot.

    And, it was fun reading the interview with you and Josie on Beth’s blog today. You two are two talented and inquisitive kids! Great to see you both in the spotlight. I love Josie’s artwork and the bracelet she made.

  10. Must be a great book, Erik! And I bet you forgot to tell folks about your pictures being posted on Youth Tube. I love yours and Josie’s pictures so much. I hope people will visit your art.http://www.wix.com/niamhclune/youth-tube1#!home|mainPage Thank You for submitting them and for the wonderful reviews that keep the rest of us in the loop.

  11. Very nice! 5 Bookworms and references to the Loch Ness Monster, I am sold! Will try to find this book in our libraries, Erik. I agree with the previous comment above, you are indeed a wonderful ambassador in more ways than one. Keep on with the writing and the great reviews! 🙂

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