Amethyst Eyes by Debbie Brown

Amethyst Eyes

by Debbie Brown

Published by iUniverse (August 31, 2011)

295 pages – ages 12+

Tommy doesn’t remember his father. He was two when his father left. His mom tells him that his father still loves them, but he can’t be with them. When Tommy’s mother tragically dies in a car wreck, Tommy’s Dad comes to care for him. That’s when Tommy’s life changes completely.

Tommy is whisked away to a space ship and Tommy realizes that his father and everyone on the ship is an alien…and he is half alien! His mother never prepared him for this. Because he is half-alien and half-human, Tommy feels like an outcast. He is even bullied by some of the other kids on the ship. They don’t understand his way of life even though he is trying hard to understand theirs.Tommy’s father loves him very much and helps him to fit in and feel at home and Tommy wants to make this new place his home, but can a half-human kid show the others on the ship that his ways aren’t so different? Tommy also learns of another danger and it has to do with his amethyst-colored eyes – eyes like his fathers. Beings with eyes like Tommy’s have reason to fear for their lives!

This book had a very interesting plot. The story was cool. I really liked how it had a bunch of high-tech gadgets and technology in it. Tommy was the best main character I could want in a book. He was brave, kind, smart and knew how to stand up to bullies. There is some violence but nothing graphic. There’s a creepy part to the plot where these evil aliens want to capture Tommy for his eyes, but it isn’t told in detail and it is only a small part of the plot.I thought the cover art wasn’t the greatest because it’s so dark (you can’t see it too well). The trailer is at the bottom of this post and it’s pretty hard to see too (or at least I think so). I liked how Ms. Brown described Earth and the alien world so well. It was interesting that both worlds had good and bad points. On Earth you have a lot of freedom and can choose to do what you want but there was sickness and violence. On the spaceship, there was no sickness (and supposedly no violence but there still was) but you were pretty much told what to do and what job you would have. It is an awesome action book and has a great message about fitting in.

I give Amethyst Eyes 5 out of 5 book worms!

To learn more about Ms. Brown and her book, please visit her website HERE. Amethyst Eyes is available at Amazon – click HERE.

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  1. From the title and your first paragraph I so wasn’t expecting the aliens – love the surprise. Sounds like it would make me glad to be an earth dweller. Do you think it is more a book for boys, Erik?

  2. Another great review, Erik. It sounds perfect for boys with all the techy stuff in. I don’t know about the eye scene but there’s probably worse on Star Wars.

  3. This sounds like a very intriguing book, Erik. And from your description, I am of course now dying to know what they want the eyes for!

  4. Hi there Erik, I always love how transparent and so real you are in your reviews! Amethyst eyes sounds very intriguing indeed. I wouldn’t have known about this book, except through you. Thanks for introducing me to all these new books. 🙂 I feel so old-school next to you! 🙂

  5. I love stories with aliens. We currently are enjoying “Aliens Love Underpants.”

  6. As Ms. Marple said, I wasn’t expecting the aliens! I thought it was going to be an “ordinary” story about a boy getting to know his Dad. This sounds definitely intriguing, and waaaaaay beyond ordinary!

  7. This sounds like a great book to read! Thanks for the review 😉

  8. Very intriguing book — to wake up one morning, your mom gone, and you are taken away in a spaceship — and oh by the way you are half alien! I’d read it. Sounds very cool and like a great adventure. You did a good review Erik!

  9. Hmm, very intriguing. Spaceships and gadgets? Sounds like boys will like it. Relationship between boy and dad? Sounds like girls will like it.

  10. Thank you very much for the wonderful review, Erik. I enjoy your blog and have been spreading the word to fellow authors.

  11. wow!!! Loved the Mrs Brown actually stops by your blog and loves your reviews. Very Cool. Very cool book, although me being me, I probably would prefer to have less of the ailens….lol. Like some of the others I thought it was a book about a boy trying to adjust to new life with his Dad.


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