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Today I am part of a blog hop for Youth Tube! Youth Tube is a site for kids to “share their art, videos, stories, reviews, songs, feature books and a whole lot more.” Youth Tube’s goal is to encourage “early literacy and children’s creativity.” Dr. Niamh Clune and the team at On the Plum Tree created Youth Tube as a safe place for kids to show their creative work and I think creative kids are AWESOME 😉

As part of this blog hop I have to write about the theme of the hop. Here’s what it says about it at On the Plum Tree – “The theme of the Blog-Hop is, Self as Child. What did you think of yourself as a child? Write something on any theme related to this. Perhaps you would like to express something on the subject of the inner child, or a relationship with a child that makes you reflect on your own childhood.”

I know, I know, you’re all saying “Erik you ARE a kid! How do you write about your inner child?!?” OK maybe you didn’t say that, but I did. I had an idea to write about my “inner adult,” but I’m really not sure what that means. Then I had an idea to write about what I think about growing up and what I will be like.

Here is the poem I wrote –

Who will I be?

By Erik


Every day, I wonder

Who I will be in a decade or two,

From a little ten-year old,

To a… something. What? Who?


An inventor?

If so, will I make a big difference or small changes?

How about an author?

If so, will I write children’s books or about politics?


I see myself as a father,

Taking care of two.

Will this small dream be real one day?

Or will I take a different route?


Now I think of Ninjas and Super Heroes,

But will I still think the same as an adult?

Or will I be so serious,

I will have no time for jokes and fun? – NAH!


There is one way to find an answer,

To all of these important questions and dreams,

And that simple solution is to…

Wait and see.


Please check out the Youth Tube site and tell every kid you know about it! My sister and I sent in drawings showing how we see ourselves for the site’s first project called “Self.” The pictures are up on the site now. I like how Josie sees herself as a garden fairy princess 🙂

Here are the next dates and places for the hop!

Friday: May 18th April Thomas

Sat. 19th – Jonty-Babe

Sun: 20th: Darlene Foster

Mon 21st – Georgia Saunders

Wed: 23rd May: Tom Harris

Finally, I’d like to say “Thank you” to Patricia Tilton of Children’s Books Heal for telling me about Dr. Clune and Youth tube and Dr. Clune and everyone at Youth Tube for letting me be part of this!

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  1. Loved your poem Erik! Very well thought out. Now off to check out Josie’s drawing.

  2. Lovely, thoughtful poem, Erik. It can be really tough to share something so personal. Well done.

  3. Hi Erik, I am visiting for the Self as Child blog hop in promotion of Youth Tube. From what I see around here, you DO have an inner adult, and an enchanting inner child. Very nice work. 🙂

  4. Erik, I’m sure that anything and everything you chose to do will be great!
    You are very lucky to have such great parents,to help you achive all your dreams and goals. You have a bright future.

  5. Erik – I love this poem! Well done. Thanks for letting us know about youth tube too.

  6. Erik, what a wonderful autobiographical poem. One of my favorite projects as a 12-year-old was writing and drawing an autobiography. It was a semester-long assignment. In fact, I just asked my mom if she could dig it out. I know I said I wanted to be a detective when I grew up. As a nonfiction writer, I feel like that’s part of what I do.

  7. Erik what a very creative and clever idea for a poem. I am so happy that you are pariticipating in Youth Tube, because it is a great place for kids to share their creative work as an artist, writer, poet. And Josie too! Hope you encourage your friends to get involved.

  8. Nice poem Erik! I’ll be sure to check out Youth Tube, although I can’t draw to save my life, I’ll enter a piece of writing.

    • Thank you Kara! I can’t draw THAT well, but if I had as long as possible to draw (without need sleep, and eat/drink), I would make a masterpiece (in like a year). I can’t wait to read the writing you put in! 🙂

  9. Hello from the Plum Tree Blog Hop. Wonderful post Erik. Thank You so much for your brilliant participation. And I hope lots more kids share their art with us as you and Josie have done.

  10. I like your poem 🙂

  11. Creative kids ARE awesome! And that’s a good poem. 🙂

    Congrats on getting a RAOK shoutout this week!

  12. I love the poem, Erik! And don’t worry, you can still like ninjas and super heroes when you grow up… I do!

  13. Wonderful poem! You never have to stop growing up. Your inner adult can be many things. I’ve been a civil engineer, piano teacher, writer, full time mom, and many more things. I think you can be all the things in your poem (although perhaps not always at the same time.) You have a bright future in any case. You are awesome!

  14. I read your very well phrased poem to my 9 3/4 year old -he was impressed but agrees you should keep your sense of humor and continue liking ninjas -because they are awesome! I really like this link and I will try to get my son to post something! Thanks Erik.

  15. Great poem Erik! Glad you are participating in this blog hop.

  16. Glad to see you’re part of the blog hop. I’m slowly visiting everyone. Great job, and I so admire your enthusiasm. May it be with you always.


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