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For those of you who don’t know Jack, she is a 11-year-old kid blogger. Her blog, “The Girl Named Jack,” has all sorts of fun nullposts about life as a kid, writing and book reviews too. Jack has even written and self-published a book “The War of the Split Hoofed and Winged.” Make sure to check her blog out – click HERE to go to it.

I am so glad that Jack sent me the first chapter from the new book she is working on “Goldpelt”! It is totally AWESOME! Here is an excerpt from it below, and you can read the whole first chapter at the link at the bottom. I hope you like it!


By: Jackson B.


 Goldpelt crouched behind a tree, waiting for her prey to walk by.  With her fiery gold/orange striped pelt she blended in well with the underbrush she was crouching so low in.  She opened her mouth letting all the smells of the forest and its creatures that dwelt in it flood through her mouth.  She caught scent of, leaves, decay, running water somewhere nearby, and…deer!  Yes, this was what her long wait crouched in the middle of a bunch of scratchy bushes was all about.

The deer came walking slowly by, his split hooves stepping daintily over twigs so he wouldn’t alert anything out to eat him.  Wrong, I already know you’re here. Thought Goldpelt feeling very pleased with herself.

The deer was a strong looking male who stood about 5 feet tall with antlers that spread out about 3 feet.  He was plump after a spring of stuffing himself with green grass, acorns, large green leaves, anything he could chew that looked half decent.

Goldpelt readied herself to spring up out of the bushes when it got closer.  The buck took a few more tentative steps in her direction, turned his head around sniffing the air for danger, then settling down by eating the leaves off the bushes that kept her hidden.  Goldpelt pulled a fanged grin at how lucky she was that the wind was blowing towards her to hide her scent.  Gathering her haunches underneath her and bunching her muscles she sprang into the air and let loose.  The buck jerked back its head from the bushes and galloped at top speed away from her outstretched claws.  She landed with a thump and set after him just as fast as it.

It galloped just in front of her; just a claws swipe away from her was the buck, leaping over fallen logs, galloping under low hanging branches careful not to entangle its antlers in them, and skidding over foliage.

Meanwhile Goldpelt’s paws carried her over the slick leaves that littered the ground and gripped in logs to thrust her more closer to the deer.  But suddenly the forest around her dissolved to darkness along with the deer.  Goldpelt blinked her eyes open and stared around her blearily.  It was early morning and she was sleeping in her cave in a nest of moss and leaves.

To read the whole first chapter, click HERE and to visit Jack’s website, click HERE.

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  1. I got to read this and it’s REALLY good! It reminded me of the Warrior series. Jack is going to be guest posting on my blog on this Sunday (three days) telling all about her experience writing her book during NaNoWriMo last November. 🙂

  2. Really great writing! Thanks for sharing! And I love that there is a girl named Jack. My most recent PB is Jac And The Beanstalk and guess what? It’s about a girl named Jac 🙂

  3. What wonderful voice. It felt very menacing, just as it should with Goldpelt as the main character.

  4. Wonderfully written! I wanted to keep reading and reading.

  5. Very fun! Nice work Jack.

  6. Good grief you young ones are amazing. That sounds awesome and wonderful language skills for such a young author. Thanks Erik!

  7. Oh wow…Thanks everybody!!! 🙂 I’m filled with joy to think that people actually took the time to read my book! 🙂

    Actually, I started writing Goldpelt like last Summer. But I got bored and stopped, finding myself caught up in other stories! So just recently I thought–Hey, maybe I could start that book over again?

    LOL, looks that’s really working out better than I’d hoped out!

  8. How creative you are the girl named Jack! I must talk to Eric about also featuring you on Youth Tube with your story writing talent.

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