Guest Book Review by Micah! – Calvin and Hobbes

Today I have another AWESOME guest kid book reviewer – MICAH! Micah is ten years old and he is also a kid blogger! He and his brother, Taylor are “The Story Boys”! You can check out their blog HERE. Micah is also the son of children’s novelist Michelle Isenhoff (a pretty talented family huh? 🙂 )!

I really like the book Micah chose to review because it is also one of my favorite books/characters!

Calvin and Hobbes

by Bill Watterson

Andrews McMeel Publishing, LLC 1987

This is a comic book.  There are a bunch of stories in one.  The stories are funny.  The characters are Calvin and Hobbes.  Calvin is a little rotten boy.  Hobbes is a stuffed animal tiger.  He comes to life when he is alone.  They like to play pirates in their tree house. They love to have wagon rides and they always wipe out.  He gets in trouble a lot.


I love how Calvin is so funny and naughty.  I love how Calvin hates baths and he gets out and runs around naked.  He also hates the doctor and he screams his head off.  I don’t like all the snow ball fights and how he thinks he is a super hero.  I recommend this book.


Five out of five bookworms!


Thanks Micah for the great review!!


One more thing – I was invited to do a guest post by Myra Garces-Bacsal over at Gathering Books in the Quill Junior part of the blog! The theme of the blog posts for May and June is “Festival of Asian Literature and the Immigrant Experience.” Please check it out by clicking HERE!

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  1. Hello there Micah! What a fabulous review too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about Calvin and Hobbes with us. We are slowly growing a collection of Calvin & Hobbes which my own ten year old daughter also enjoys.

    Thank you too Erik for being our guest blogger! You did an awesome review (as always). 🙂

  2. Great post over at Myra’s, Erik! And I LOVE Calvin & Hobbes! One of my kids was especially fond of it, so we have a LOT (if not all) of the books. They are so entertaining. Thanks for a great review, Micah!

  3. My husband has quite a collection of comic books, including Calvin and Hobbes. My five-year-old recently pulled one of the books off the shelf, and he loved it. Of course, his games often remind me of Calvin’s. 27th base anyone?

  4. Thanks for inviting Micah to guest post, Erik. He’s so proud. Both boys read it this morning and were picking their favorite Calvin faces, lol. Then they left me to comment so they can get their schoolwork done and go play. Tomorrow’s our LAST DAY!

    Off to check out your guest post…

  5. My kids love these books, Micah…and I bet for the same reasons you do. Great review, Micah!

  6. Calvin and Hobbes are a fun-tastic duo. Going to check out your post, Erik 🙂

  7. My whole family and any friends we truly respect like Calvin and Hobbes! Thanks Micah, for reminding us to pull that one off the shelf again!

  8. This feels like a full circle. Erik guest posts on our blog and you on his. I love Calvin and Hobbes. I love it when the two play pretend. Awesome hearing a kids thoughts on this book. I only got to read this when i was in high school. 🙂

  9. Thanks, Micah, for this great review of Calvin and Hobbes. My kids loved these comic books, and still do! They are wonderful to take on long road trips. I’m glad you enjoyed and recommended this one. I’ll check out your blog, for sure! Thanks, Erik!

  10. I absolutely LOVE those comics! Great job Micah!!!

  11. Thanks for the review, Micah. I grew up with this book and loved it to pieces!

  12. I love those books!!!

  13. Yup, yup, yup. A great book. Timeless.

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