This Has Nothing To Do With Books…

I interrupt this blog post to tell you some news…

The book review I had scheduled for today will be posted on Saturday now because I really wanted to tell you; yesterday, June 10th 2012, I tested for my junior black belt in Taekwon Do. I have been studying TKD for 5 years and I had to know EVERYTHING I have learned in the 5 years. Testing started at 9AM and ended at 2PM. It was a pretty hard day. Three other candidates and I were really put to the test.


We had to do all the patterns we’ve learned,


and all the self-defense techniques we learned.

We had to spar.

We had to show all the kicks and jumping kicks we learned.



In addition to all this, we also had to perform ten hours of community service, write a two page paper about what TKD means to us and perform a skit about TKD. 

We also had an oral test on the philosophy and meaning of all the patterns and belts in TKD. 

Well – the results are in –


Thank you to my instructors Miguel Montero, Jr., 5th Dan and Tiffany Montero, 3rd Dan of United Taekwon Do!

Now my training REALLY begins!

Also, Congratulations to Kaya, Connor, and Mr. G. who also got their black belt(s) yesterday! A special thanks to Josie (my little sister) and my Dad for helping me with my skit and my mom for helping me study!

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  1. Most awesome! A bow in your direction.

  2. That’s fantastic, Erik! Congratulations. There are a lot more things to do for it these days that isn’t even karate. How interesting. Love your pictures!

  3. Erik,
    Congratulations, getting your black belt is an amazing accomplishment.
    All the best,
    Ruth G. Zavitsanos

  4. You rock, Erik! I have to make sure my boys see this one. We have a new studio in town and my boys are both going to sign up for this in the fall.

  5. Erik, you are an inspiration…setting a marvellous example. Well Done!

  6. Congratulations Erik, a job well done! You stuck it, stayed the course and worked hard, you are now reaping the rewards. Way to go! Proud of you buddy!

  7. Three Cheers Erik! That is wonderful news. Practice and perseverance paid off!!

  8. Congrats, Erik! I’m sure you worked hard to earn it…keep it up!

  9. Congrats, Erik! I know from personal experience how difficult and demanding black belt testings are…for both instructor and student. As a student, you want to do your best and receive that next belt. As an instructor, a student’s accomplishment at testing is a compliment to the student as well as the instructor who worked with that student for months…and sometimes years…in order to reach that level. How proud your instructors and parents must be of you…I know I am!

    Donna L Martin

  10. Congratulations Eriik, You Dad better watch out now!

  11. Whoop, whoop, whoop it up for Erik! This is fantastic! How did you celebrate – a giant sized ice cream sundae? Congratulations – so happy for you! Bets news I’ve heard all week (even better than the Germans winning their first Eurocup match – and that means something!!!) Yipee!

  12. AWESOME news, Erik! Congratulations! What a lot you have to be able to do in order to get your black belt. I had no idea. Celebrating with you!

    • Thank you Ms. Stilborn! It is a really hard test to do. We had to run for 10 minutes and if we stopped, we failed! I also did about 300 jumping jacks and 100 push-ups and that was just the first half hour! *deep breath* PLUS having to remember all of that stuff I was doing in the pictures! 🙂

  13. Erik, you are a nice boy, nice boy. You wouldn’t use TWD against me, would you? I hope you wrote that in your paper. 😉 Congratulations! That was some grueling test they put you through! Congratulations again, and best of fortune as you continue! 😀

  14. Wow what a fantastic thing to accomplish! We know you will accomplish more great things in the future! Katherine and Kathleen Taylor

  15. Congratulations, Erik. Thanks for the reminder that all good things require hard work and patience. Oh, and lots of practice.

  16. So glad you shared with us. This is a huge and fantastic achievement. You must feel so proud. Woot!

  17. Congrats, Erik, on all your hard work!!

  18. That’s great the you put that dedication and work! Congrats on getting your black belt!

  19. Congratulations Erik! I’m so proud of you!

  20. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! That is really something to be proud of 🙂

  21. Hey, hey, hey! Congratulations! I am very impressed. Great job!

  22. Eric, you just keep making me proud of you. 🙂 That was such a hard day for you, big congratulations and hugs on earning your black belt.

  23. Congratulations Erik! I am behind in my emails and just saw this. You certainly to follow your dreams and achieve your goals!

  24. One of my favorite posts by far. Well-earned Erik and Congratulations to you!!! I’m so thrilled to see your photos. You must be very happy. On to the next level! 🙂

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