The Old Clock – By Bon Rose

The Old Clock [The “Old” Adventures of Hailey and Jared Series 6)]

By Bon Rose

9 pages – ages 9+

Published by Amazon Digital Services on August 2, 2011

Hailey and her best friend, Jared, decide to go down to the antique store to look around and visit Old Mrs. Rhodes, the owner of the store. Mrs. Rhodes gives Hailey a broken old clock. Hailey thinks the clock is beautiful. Mrs. Rhodes explains that there is something special about the clock and she tells the kids a story about it. When Hailey puts it in her bedroom and falls asleep, she finds out just how unusual the clock is!

“The Old Clock” is a short story. It is the sixth story in a collection of stories called “The Old Adventures of Hailey and Jared.” I really like short stories, especially ones with surprise or twist endings and I really liked this story (especially the ending 🙂 ). I think short stories are really great for reluctant readers or readers who just don’t like to read for a long amount of time. This is the only story I read from the collection (you can purchase each story separately or all together from Amazon, click HERE) and I really enjoyed this spooky tale and if the others in the collection are like this one, I’d like to read them. I thought Hailey and Jared were both great characters and I would like to read other stories about them.  

Because this is a short story, I wasn’t sure how to rate it on my bookworm scale. Usually I compare my favorite books against the one I am reviewing and I don’t think I can compare a single short story against some of the novels I love. I can say that I really liked the story and would recommend it to kids and adults!

Check out the trailer!

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  1. You’re right, short stories are a whole different bag than novels. Sounds interesting. My kids love scary stories that aren’t too scary. I have to say the cover image is very hard to read, but that orange flower sure stands out. Matching letters might have worked better.

    • It IS interesting. I think your kids would like it. It is kind of creepy and weird but not too scary and I thought it was a good story. I thought having trouble seeing the cover was just me being color blind!

  2. I enjoy short story collections, though I haven’t read one in a long time. They are perfect for when you have little time to read, are often interrupted, etc. When I’m reading a novel, I find it hard to jump back in days later and remember exactly what was going on.

  3. Wow. Another short story collection for the 9+! Good work, Eric . You make the stories sound like a lot of fun. I agree that short stories stories can work well for reluctant readers, but the short story is its own art form that children can learn to appreciate. Thanks for including the trailer!

  4. Thank you Erik, what a nice review! I just published the next 5 short stories in Book # 2. Appreciate you taking the time to read it and publish your opinion and so glad you enjoyed it. Totally understand about the rating system 🙂

  5. I like short stories too. Nice review. Sounds a bit scary, but you enjoyed the book and that’s what counts. Others will too.

  6. Fair enough and well said Erik about your rating scheme. Perhaps you could develop one specifically tailored for short stories! 🙂

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