The Pet Washer by Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

The Pet Washer
By Jennifer Lynn Alvarez
202 pages – ages 9+
Published by Dreamcatcher Books on December 2, 2011

Cianna was a pet washer at the Pet Palace and Day Spa on Windym, an island where all the Royal families vacationed during the Spring. She was the best pet washer on the island, even though she was born blind. Cianna was super busy at work because all the princesses and princes wanted their pets to look their best while they were on vacation. One day, Princess Polly, who was vacationing with her family on Windym, saw Cianna and realized she was a perfect replacement for a sick princess in a dance she and the other princesses were planning. Cianna wasn’t sure she would fit in with all the other Princesses or be able to dance well. After a sleep-over at Polly’s family’s castle and a recital with the princesses, Cianna goes to her work and has a terrible thing happen to her, she gets suspended from work after someone switched hair remover for pet shampoo! Now, she can practice for the dance all she wants but she knows her work and the pets needs her.

This is the kind of book I wouldn’t normally pick up (princesses, pet spas – not really my favorite topics), but I read the description of it on Sue Morris’ blog – Kid Lit Reviews and she recommended it. Well, I really enjoyed this book! I really cared about what happened to Cianna. I loved Cianna’s “never-give-up” attitude. Ms. Alvarez described the setting of Windym really well, I really felt like I was there and could see everything that was happening! I also really like the cover art. I know my description of the plot of the book makes it sound like a total “girl” book, but I think it is really a great book about friendship, opening your heart and eyes to other people and accepting yourself for who you are. I think boys would like the book too! I recommend it to kids 9+ and young advanced readers.

I give “The Pet Washer” 5 out of 5 book worms!

You can learn more about Ms. Alvarez and the Pet Washer Series HERE!

This is the redesigned cover for the book 😀

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  1. It does sound like a girl book, but sometimes they surprise you. My boys really enjoyed the Penderwicks, which is about 4 sisters.

  2. I think it’s terrific that you’re open-minded enough to read a book that doesn’t immediately sound like your type. Great way to find some good reads you might have missed 🙂 This one sounds like something my niece would love!

  3. Great review Erik! It’s great that you are willing to read something that you wouldn’t normally pick up. It sounds like a good read with a great message that would be great for anyone to read. Thanks again, and best of luck to Jennifer Lynn:)

  4. What! Erik, are you saying that you have not stocked up on books about pretty princesses in pink frills and their pampered pets at the spa?! 😉
    I agree that it’s good to occasionally pick up a book you wouldn’t ordinarily read. This is a great review because you did just that. The Pet Washer looks to be an interesting book on an important topic. Maybe my grandson would even enjoy it when he gets a little older.
    Well done!

  5. The title didn’t surprise me in my email alert – but the description sure did! There is a reason this idiom has stuck around: “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

  6. I have to admit, you admission of not being sure you’d like the book because it sounds like a girl boy gave me a grin, but I also appreciate your honesty because honesty really is the best policy. And I’m even more thrilled that after giving the book a go, you found you liked it.

  7. Cianna sounds like a character I’d like. I think I will check this one out. I love the variety of books you review Erik.

  8. Another great review, Erik. Thanks for pointing out that boys would like this book too!

  9. Hahaha, interesting that you mentioned the narrative and your review may make the book sound like a ‘girl book.’ One of my PhD supervisees is looking into gender differences in reading preferences. Perhaps I should ask her to interview you! 🙂

  10. Erik, thanks for the shout out and link to my blog. I’m glad you liked the book. I am not that fond of princess stories, but a pet story will get me every time. I picked it up thinking it was about pets. Despite all those bratty princesses, I really liked the story. Admitting that you would not normally pick this book to read–and then loved it, is a great endorsement for the author. Nice review.


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