Saving Redwind: A Wallpaper Adventure by Kris Yankee

Saving Redwind: A Wallpaper Adventure

By Kris Yankee

164 pages -ages 8+

Published by CreateSpace on July 13, 2011

Nick really didn’t like his new room in his family’s new house that much. The ceiling acted like a storm was going to break out in his room any second. The landscape wallpaper had things moving in it. You heard me right, the wallpaper had things moving in it! When a kid comes out of the wallpaper, into Nick’s room, he asks Nick to come to Redwind to help save it. Redwind is a world and the portal to that world was in Nick’s room! Nick is ready for an adventure and follows the boy back into the wallpaper although he’s not really sure what he can do to help. What he finds in Redwind is the adventure he has been wanting, unexpected dangers, new friends and kooky creatures!

I think this book was cool. I really liked the made-up creatures in the story, especially the Krog. The plot idea of creepy wallpaper coming to life and being a doorway to another world really got my interest. Redwind is a cool world that Ms. Yankee described really well. Nick was a good main character, but my favorite was Simon The Elder because he was really nice, smart and he could shape-shift (who doesn’t like shape-shifting?). The book is a clean read with no graphic violence or bad words. I think this is a great book for boys but girls will also like it.

Five out of five books worms for “Saving Redwind”!

To learn more about Ms. Yankee and her books, please visit her website by clicking HERE!

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  1. This sounds like a very cool story. I am not normally for creepy stories, but this one sounded more fun. A bit like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (That movie was filmed here.) Great review Erik!

  2. To have things move around on the wallpaper would certainly unnerve me 🙂 For it to turn out to be a portal to a new would sounds amazing. Nothing like great adventures and new friends, especially when they’re unexpected. Wonderful review, Erik 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great book Erik, great review! Who wouldn’t love moving wallpapers, portals & Krogs? Keep up the good work Erik & best of luck to Ms. Yankee:)

  4. ‘Clean read’ – I like how you phrased the parent-friendly G-rating of the writing! The cover image is small, but looks intriguing despite the legibility challenges of the font chosen for the text. Are there illustrations of his wallpapered room? My imagination is demanding satisfaction!

  5. This story idea made me chuckle. I remember some old flowery wallpaper my parents used to have in our house when I was little. I used to imagine all sorts of creatures in there!

  6. This sounds quite fascinating, but if I were a child reading this it could really spook me. (I was a very imaginative child.) Now, I think it would be great to read and to explore this new world. As was mentioned about The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, that is what I thought of too, and I loved – and still love – that story.

  7. Sounds like a really interesting concept. It’s always a challenge to write about a fantasy world while at the same time being quite original about it.


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