It’s a uTales Triple-Play!

Today I am going to tell you about an awesome triple-play, but there are no sports involved! I am going to let you know about 3 must read ebooks from uTales! I recently reviewed the first uTales ebook I ever read (“Annie and Me” by Sandra Hershenson, read my review HERE) and I was really impressed with the ebooks on uTales. My little sister (who has some trouble reading) also really liked the ebooks on uTales and thought they were fun to read.

Now on to the game!

Our first batter up is “The Cat Who Swallowed the Moon” by Heather Dickinson. This marvelous ebook has a fun tale about what happens when Horace the cat sings too much and opens his mouth too wide. Yep, you guessed it, he swallows the moon! All the other animals miss the moon and try to get it out of Horace but nothing works until one little bird has the perfect idea! The illustrations in the book are really detailed and very nice to look at! The story is cute too! This uTales tale scores BIG!

On deck is the heavy hitter “The Snug Snag” by  Laurel Heager and illustrated by Claudia Fehr-Levin. This really cute story is about animals living in a hollowed-out tree stump. It is told from the perspective of two children watching the animals in their home. The children are surprised at how many different animals are living inside. This rhyming tale is fun to read and there are great sounds and animations in the book too! SWING and that ball…ER book is OUTTA HERE!

Batting clean-up is the ace “The Boy Who Cried Shmutz” by Sandra Hershenson and Illustrated by Claudia Fehr-Levin. OY, you are going to LOVE this funny Yiddish re-telling of the Boy Who Cried Wolf! The town of Tidyberg always was sparkling clean and the townspeople made sure it stayed that way. Hershel, the town’s shmutz finder thought it would be funny to yell “SHMUTZ” even when there wasn’t any and watch all the cleaners schlep over to clean the smutz up as he laughed his tuchus off. I really love that I learned Yiddish words from the book. I thought the illustrations were really great too! It’s GOING…GOING…IT’S GONE! HOME RUN!

And that’s the game folks! The final score is 0 TV Remotes for The Junky TV Shows and 5 bookworms for The Ebooks from uTales!

To read these uTales books and find out more about uTales, please visit the website HERE!


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  1. I’ve read Annie and Me, Snow Games, and a couple others by fellow 12×12 writers – all terrific. These three look great! Thanks for the reviews. uTales is really wonderful!

  2. I’ve been wondering how well picture books could do in an e-book format. I remember seeing a u-Tales author visiting at Susanna’s blog and I’m glad to see these three books get great reviews as well.

  3. I love this post and your fun analogy Erik! On my way to check out these books! Thanks for the reviews

  4. Erik, fun presentation of these three uTales books. These are three that I particularly like myself, especially The Boy Who Cried Schmutz – all that yiddish vocabulary is so much fun!

  5. These are great stories and such marvelous illustrations. WoW! I will be reading some of these to my granddaughter. Great post, Erik!

  6. Great review Erik! These books sound wonderful and I am very happy to hear that uTales have done such a super job with picture books in the ebook format. Best of luck to the authors and keep up the good work Erik:)

  7. Schmutz sounds incredibly funny, Erik! I’ll need to look that one up…

  8. That was a great post! 🙂

  9. Hey have you seen the remote. Just kidding nice post son.

  10. Very creative and informative post, Erik. Thanks for the great information.

  11. thanks for the reviews Erik!such a great suprise to find 2 of my books on your fabulous blog!!!love it!!

  12. Sandra Hershenson’s title is terrific – every Mensch should read it. Thanks Erik.

  13. I’ve been hearing a lot about uTales and I’m definitely intrigued. The covers of the books are likewise lovely! They seem so alive and colorful. Thanks for your review, Erik!

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